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Dissatisfaction follows SUG elections at Tai Solarin University of Education

The Student Union elections at Tai Solarin University of Education have been engulfed in controversy, with allegations emerging that the Independent TASUED Electoral Commission (ITEC), the designated student electoral body, was sidelined and the ICT partnered with the perpetrators to disenfranchise the students.
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In what was supposed to be an exciting event to usher in new leaders for the Student Union at Tai Solarin University of Education, eligible voters have expressed their frustration, claiming intentional disenfranchisement and an inability to cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

The Student Union elections at Tai Solarin University of Education have been engulfed in controversy, with allegations emerging that the Independent TASUED Electoral Commission (ITEC), the designated student electoral body, was sidelined.

“The election process was taken over by the school’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department, under the leadership of Dr. Ademola Adenubi,” a student told Edugist.

Another said: “The election process was plagued by technical difficulties that hampered students’ ability to participate fully. Many eligible voters expressed frustration as they encountered issues with receiving their voting tokens. This created an atmosphere of uncertainty and disenfranchisement, leaving students feeling excluded from the democratic process.”

” I received my token number very late and that’s after the election has been concluded,this is very bad a large number of students have been stopped from voting,” the student said..

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Meanwhile,some students said that the decision to bypass ITEC and involve the ICT department has raised eyebrows and intensified concerns among the student body.

Many students question the rationale behind this abrupt change in the election management process and express doubts about the impartiality and transparency of the new arrangement.

“For me the people at the ICT hijacked the process and this is very important for the university to check and know that the ICT has been compromised and if it can get involve with electoral malpractice like this,it will be involved in other shady dealings”.

The involvement of the ICT department, led by Dr. Ademola Adenubi, has sparked further controversy. Students are calling for an explanation as to why the ICT department assumed control over the elections, as it deviates from the established protocol of utilizing the Independent TASUED Electoral Commission for conducting student union elections.

The shift in responsibility has raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and compromised independence in the electoral process. Students are demanding transparency and accountability from both the university administration and the ICT department regarding their roles in the election proceedings.

The controversy surrounding the change in election management further adds to the discontent surrounding the token distribution issues and the low voter turnout experienced during the elections. The combined effect of these issues has cast a shadow over the integrity of the electoral process and raised questions about the fairness of the final outcome.

“Today’s voter turnout painted a bleak picture, as one-quarter of the student body abstained from voting altogether. With over 8,000 eligible students, the turnout of only 2,000 indicates a significant lack of engagement and trust in the electoral process.

The combination of technical difficulties and perceived irregularities has undoubtedly contributed to this disappointing outcome” a student claimed.

As the university community seeks clarity on these matters, it is essential for the authorities to provide a comprehensive explanation regarding the decision to involve the ICT department and address the concerns raised by the student body. Transparency and adherence to established electoral procedures are crucial for upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the legitimacy of the student union elections at Tai Solarin University of Education

As the aftermath of the election unfolds, The students call on the university authority to salvage the situation and investigate the issues.

“it is crucial that the university administration and election authorities address these concerns promptly and transparently. A thorough investigation is needed to determine the reasons behind the token distribution issues and the discrepancies in the live vote count”.

Moreover, efforts must be made to understand and address the underlying factors that led to the remarkably low voter turnout.

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I wasn’t able to vote

Elebimayo Rebecca oriyomi
Elebimayo Rebecca oriyomi
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Sending token by 6

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