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Dowen College Presents “Big” Innovations at Conrad Nigeria Challenge 2022, Qualifies for Semi-Finals

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Students of Dowen College, Lagos have qualified for the Conrad Nigeria Challenge 2022 semi-finals.

This was disclosed to Edugist on Saturday December 17, 2022, by a source at the college.

According to the source, three teams from the college qualified for this stage after presenting their “big” innovative technology.

The first team–Team EM-Alarm–is made of five intellectual giants: Nwofor Chibuikem, Agboro Emmanuel, Aduloju Jojolola, Awotoye Temilayo and Animashaun Ademola.

The innovation of the team is an electromagnetic fire alarm that remotely notifies the house owner that there is a fire outbreak at home, according to the source.

He added that it’s the first innovation of its kind in the world.

“The technology behind this innovation is Radio Technology. If the house owner is in the US and there is a fire outbreak at home here in Nigeria, the EM-Alarm would smartly notify the owner of the house immediately over there in the US using radio waves,” the source said.

He stated that the team members are also planning to extend the automatic notification to the federal and state fire services so that fire outbreak detection by the federal and state fire services will be a kind of autopilot.

“The team members are also planning to assist the US, European countries and countries from other continents that suffer wildfires with the EM-Alarm so that wildfires will be a thing of the past.

“The EM-Alarm will be installed at strategic locations in their forests. Once there’s a fire outbreak, perhaps from lightning or any other source in the forest, their federal and state fire services will be automatically and immediately notified. Of course, they spring into action before the fire will cause any havoc.”

The second team tagged Team P–App presented a big innovative technology. It is also made up of five intellectual giants: Nifemi Adebara, Boluwatife Phillips, Adeoye Farian, Samantha Owoghiri and Karis Owube.

The innovation is an app that notifies a woman of the stages of her menstrual cycle daily.

The technology behind this innovation is a programming language called Java.

“As a woman, once she has the app on her phone, set it working, she just needs to relax her mind. The app will be notifying her daily of the stage she is, i. e. safe stage, unsafe stage, menstruation stage and ovulation stage,” the source said.

According to the source, the benefits of the app are numerous. They include family planning, tracking of ovulation for those trying to conceive, and knowing when the appropriate period for menstruation to avoid embarrassment.

“With this technology, there is no need to memorize or write in paper your cycle, etc,” he maintained.

He added, “The app will also benefit men who have wives at home. They will know when to meet with their wives and when not to.

The third team tagged Team S–Alarm also consists of five intellectual giants: Bodie-mends Babatunde, Seyi Olarewaju, Korede Olubitan, Pelumi Adegbite and Joseph Aisagbonhi.

The innovation of this team is a portable fire alarm that can be placed anywhere.

The technology behind this innovation is Thermodynamics Technology.

The Conrad Challenge is a purpose-driven innovation competition creating the next generation of entrepreneurs who will change the world.

Below are the faces of the team members.

IMG 20221218 WA0001

IMG 20221217 WA0017

IMG 20221217 WA0016

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