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Drama as suspended OSPOLY rector resumes office

The students who posted through OSPOLY OF OUR DREAM group added that there may be power skirmishes in the state government house and this speaks volumes to what is happening within.
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The suspended rector of Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY), Iree, Tajudeen Odetayo, Ph.D, on Thursday morning, resumed back to office amidst jubilations by members of staff and astonishment by students.

According to Osun Defender, the rector resumed at exactly 7:57 a.m. with staff of the institution ushering him to his office. It would be recalled that the state government in a letter signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Kehinde Jimoh, on Monday, July 24, suspended Odetayo for gross misappropriation of funds and abuse of office.

The whereabouts of the acting rector are yet to be known as there is no word from the camp. Students and alumni of the institutions are in total amazement as the news comes with different reactions as extracted from one of the institution’s most revered student and alunmi WhatsApp group, OSPOLY OF OUR DREAM.

According to the students, this event will raise so many questions as more pressure will now be on the state government and the students will be at the receiving end. One of the school students humorously commented on the platform that the rector meets the rector at the office. In his words “rector don jam rector for office.”

Another said “I hope those pushing Odetayo will stand with him till the end”

The students who are very happy for the return of the one Togo one Ghana lecturer and that the accounting don, ODETAYO is back to the office amidst prayers from members of staff, they added that there may be power skirmishes in the state government house and this speaks volumes to what is happening within.

“Time will tell” they affirm.

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