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DRC education minister impregnates deputy

Despite both individuals being married, it is alleged that Namasia developed romantic feelings for Kazadi after her appointment.
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Tony Mwaba Kazadi, the Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has openly acknowledged an unexpected pregnancy involving his deputy, Aminata Namasia. However, he insists that it was merely an accident that occurred while they were working together.

Despite both individuals being married, it is alleged that Namasia developed romantic feelings for Kazadi after her appointment as the National Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary, and Technical Education in Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde’s cabinet on April 12, 2021.

Contrary to these claims, Namasia vehemently denied the story through a post on her Twitter page, as reported by the local newspaper, The Street Journal. She emphasised that, beyond her official and public duties, she has a personal life that deserves respect—an inherent right guaranteed to all Congolese citizens by their constitution.

Namasia argued against the damaging practice of tarnishing her reputation, pointing out that such actions could not only jeopardize her relationships but also harm the reputations of her married male colleagues and their families. She firmly expressed her belief that, instead of resorting to character assassination, her political detractors should focus on challenging her opinions and political actions, particularly with the upcoming electoral contests scheduled for December this year.

The Street Journal also featured the testimony of a reliable Congolese individual named Nugandu, who dismissed the entire tale as a theatrical performance within the political landscape of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nugandu’s perspective adds weight to the argument that the revelation might be an orchestrated move, aimed at achieving certain political objectives.

While the true nature of this alleged incident remains uncertain, its emergence has sparked widespread interest and speculation. The Congolese public eagerly awaits further developments and clarifications regarding this intriguing affair that intertwines personal and political realms.

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Folaranmi Ajayi
1 year ago

In mouth agape!

This is exhilarating to read, the effrontery is exasperating.

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