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Educatial leverages digital tools to make e-learning more accessible

Educatial is an all-encompassing e-learning platform that has been created to transmogrify learning by allowing users, educators, students and institutions to learn, play, create content, monetise content and improve learning through digital tools. It is a world of educational possibilities
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Educatial is leveraging the growing penetration of digital devices to promise a deepening of revolution and democritisation happening in the e-learning space. This means creating institutions that help unlock the potential of Africa’s young population, creating wealth for all.

The chairman and Founder of Educatial, Francis Muofunanya has announced that educatial e-learning platform will revolutionise and democratise learning in Nigeria and Africa on Thursday during a reveal’ Stakeholder Roundtable for the Digital Platform’ held in Lagos.

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According to him, the platform will revolutionise and democratise e-learning, by providing audio and visual learning opportunities which when harnessed will create great institutions, increase potential among learners and educators and help create wealth.

He emphasised that they have also shifted from predominantly physical classrooms as centres of learning to online classrooms on smart phones and other devices of the user.

As more learning happens online, he said education is overwhelmed and in need of a learning ecosystem that provides a unified solution to all aspects of learning.

Introducing Educatial

Educatial, an e-learning revolution, has been unveiled in Lagos to usher in quality and affordable education at all levels including primary, post-primary and tertiary in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

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According to the Founder

“Educatial was developed by indigenous systems engineers in response to this need. It is an exciting software-as-a-service ecosystem platform for the education sector focused on transforming learning for present and future generation.

Educatial provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ including hardware, software, infrastructure, hosting and support. Our focus is on teaching learners how to learn, training professionals in career-focused skills and equipping educators for success,” he said.

Muofunanya said “we believe that Educatial will engage the youths and help them acquire the relevant skills that will empower them to play at the global stage and hence curb excessive migration to other developed countries otherwise known as japa in search of better education and good paying jobs.”

Edugist gathered that Educatial developed 20 uniquely different but interconnected educational tools that are engaging, effective, impactful and fun but at the same time are useful in community-led learning.

Educatial has the potential to produce young professional billionaires in media, film making and other content creation hubs. Universities and other educational institutions will be able to exponentially increase their internally generated revenues through some of the digital bouquets without taxing students and their guardians.

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