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US Vice President visits Africa, speaks to youths

United States Vice President, Kamala Harris in Africa
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United States Vice President, Kamala Harris has urged African youths to dream with ambition and contribute to the development of the continent.

Harris made this statement while addressing attendees at her public lecture in Black Star Square, Accra, Ghana on Tuesday. During her speech, Harris expressed optimism about the possibilities that awaited the world if young people in Africa make an effort to maximise their potentials.

US Vice President, Kamala Harris, Addressing young Africans
US Vice President, Kamala Harris, engaging young people in Accra, Ghana
Photo credit: Twitter(Kamala Harris)

“All of this to say you and in particular the young leaders here, you have a role to play and together we have a role to play. So then, let us dream with ambition and lead with conviction.

“I am optimistic about the future of the world because of you, the woman who will shatter every glass ceiling, the entrepreneur who will identify the next digital breakthrough, the activist to fight for the dignity of every human being, student and scientist, athletes and artists, farmers and fishers and the young innovators who will solve problems that we haven’t yet identified with solutions. We can’t even yet imagine,” she added.

The US vice president’s visit to Ghana was part of a one- week tour of three African countries (including Tanzania and Zambia). The Vice President said she seeks to reinforce the ties between the United States and the continent.

She is travelling in company of her husband, Douglas Emhoff, and other top State officials.

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