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LASU appoints new Chief Security Officer after students protest

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Students protesting at  LASU gate
Students protest held at second gate of the Lagos State University 
Photo credit: LASU Conscience

The management of Lagos State University, LASU Ojo, has appointed a new Chief Security Officer (CSO).

The CSO, Oluwole Ojo, CSP (rtd,) replaced Captain Callistus Emeruwa after students of the school protested against harassment from the military during last presidential and National House of Assembly elections.

Earlier on February 26, the students shut both gates leading to the school in protest against soldiers who had tortured some students during the the 2023 general elections.

The students ‘union president, Adelakun Adeoye confirmed the new CSO was appointed in response to the demands of the students.

His said, “We had a protest over the complexity of the former CSO in handling harassment on the students from the military in the school premises during the last elections.

“The school gates have since been opened, as our demands have been met by the school by appointing a new CSO, one Oluwole Ojo, a retired CSP.” Adeoye noted.

Alluding to the LASUSU president’s claim, a press release sighted by Vanguard LASUSU spokesperson, Babatunde Oluwatimelehin confirmed the appointment of a new CSO.

“On the 25th of February 2023, soldiers harassed and unfairly treated some students and members of the students’ union including the president, social director, and the chief whip on campus. This horrific deed was perpetrated due to the negligence of the Chief Security Officer.

“The harassment that happened on school grounds birthed agitation amongst the students and called for the replacement of the Chief Security Officer.

“Today, the university management tended to our agitations by dismissing the previous Chief Security Officer and appointing a new Chief Security Officer, Oluwole Ojo, Rtd CSP.” The statement read.

Meanwhile, the institution is yet to officially disclose this development.

At the time of filing this report, attempts to obtain a statement from the Public Relations Officer, Olaniyi Jeariogbe has been abortive.


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