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European Commission grants €7.8m to UNIOSUN

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The European Commission has granted €7.8 million to Osun State University (UNIOSUN).

This was announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Odunayo C. Adebooye.

According to Tribune Online, the grant was awarded under the Erasmus Lump-Sum Non-EU-Africa programme to support a research project.

The vice-chancellor shared this information during a media interaction in Osogbo, where he also discussed the hosting of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship program and the university’s success in securing the Erasmus Non-EU Africa grants.

The research project, known as the AfriquEurope Research Project, will involve 30 universities and 60 team members working together for a duration of 36 months. The University of Peloponnese in Greece, led by Prof. Jean-Marc Trouille from the University of Bradford, will coordinate the project.

“This transcontinental research network, funded by the European Commission, aims to facilitate joint research and knowledge exchange between European and African universities and advocacy groups. The project seeks to inform policy-making in both the European Union (EU) and the African Union by focusing on enhancing EU-Africa relations and promoting closer cooperation between the two continents, given their shared interests and economic complementarities,” said the VC.

Prof. John Agbonifo from UNIOSUN will serve as the Lead Researcher and Contact Person, while Prof. Olukoya Ogen will be the Financial Secretary for the research project. UNIOSUN is honored to be one of the 33 selected universities worldwide to participate in this significant intercontinental research initiative.

UNIOSUN has also been chosen as a host institution for the Carnegie African Diaspora Programme (CADFP) this year, and two Carnegie Fellows, Omolola Ologunorisa and Dr. Consoler Teboh, were welcomed to the university.

The VC emphasized that “these fellowships will foster academic partnerships between UNIOSUN and colleagues from the United States academic system. Each fellowship is valued at over USD 20,000, resulting in a total grant of US$40,000.”

Adebooye highlighted the university’s remarkable success in securing research grants, amounting to over USD 12,000,000 within the first half of 2023. He expressed gratitude to Governor Senator Ademola Adeleke of Osun State for promptly approving a one-off palliative payment of #31.6 million to address immediate challenges faced by the university staff due to the fuel price hike resulting from the removal of fuel subsidies by the federal government.

The VC commended Governor Adeleke for his empathetic administration and continuous support, which has resulted in major infrastructural interventions within eight months of his tenure. He reassured the university community that the management is committed to improving the institution’s standards and making it a leading institution in Africa and globally.

Adebooye encouraged the university community to seize the opportunity provided by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship programme and make the best use of it, while reciprocating the governor’s gesture of support.

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