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Experts canvass adoption of AI in education

This was disclosed at the May of Edition of Edtech Mondays, themed ‘Artificial Intelligence in Education,’ moderated by Chinyelu Akpa, Practice Lead, Education, CCHUB in Lagos.
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Experts in educational technology have called for the need to adopt Artificial Intelligence in the Nigerian education system.

They said this would elevate the learning experience for students and teachers.

This was disclosed at the May of Edition of Edtech Mondays, themed ‘Artificial Intelligence in Education,’ moderated by Chinyelu Akpa, Practice Lead, Education, CCHUB in Lagos.

The program is an initiative of the Co-Creation Hub in partnership with Mastercard Foundation’s Centre for Innovative Teaching & Learning in ICT.

A panelist, the County Director, Global AI Council Nigeria, Freda Anyanwu, emphasised the need to implement AI ethically and responsibly in all the schools. Anyanwu revealed that her organisation was planning to collaborate with the government by developing a national Artificial Intelligence Strategy, aimed at creating a framework and guidelines to make AI is ethically used in Nigeria.

Another Panelist, Co-founder of Schoola Limited, Abdullahi Bature, recognised the positive effect of AI in today’s education system, making learning and teaching easier. He also made clear that with the deployment of AI-enabled tools, the issues of outdated curricula and scarcity of good qualified teachers in Nigeria’s education system, would be solved once and for all.

He said, in describing AI usefulness, “For us, we see AI as our work colleague, that is, that colleague that is hardworking, and can help you do the chores.”

The Community Operations Manager, Data Science Nigerian, Omotayo Olorunfemi, also talked about the importance of AI in education, explaining that the incorporation of AI into the education system would have a huge impact on learning experiences and also improve personalised learning for each student. AI in the system would also produce data-driven insight into the education sector, letting us know the best learning processes.

“Personalisation of learning is where learners can have access to AI-enables systems, AI-enabled platforms, AI-enabled solutions that they can leverage to generate learning content in the form of videos, in the form of audios, in the form of texts and even in the form of flashcards. This learning process enables students to be able to select their preferred learning approaches, such that they are learning with the kind of content that they will be more interested in learning with.”

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