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First class graduate of University of Ibadan beaten to death for stealing bread

A first class graduate of University Of Ibadan whose name is Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi was killed at the early hours of today at Honeyhill Tombia Bayelsa State for stealing bread.
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A First- class graduate from the University of Ibadan, Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi, met a horrific fate today at Honeyhill Tombia, Bayelsa State.

The reason? He was mercilessly thrashed to death for the allegedly stealing a loaf of bread.

Hailing from the Korokorosei community in Southern Ijaw Local Government area, this remarkable individual achieved a first-class degree in Business Administration (B.Sc) from UI. However, his promising future was cut short in the early hours of today when a violent mob unleashed their fury upon him.

Filled with righteous indignation, enraged youths pummeled him relentlessly, ultimately leading to his demise. Despite the pleas of concerned neighbours and friends who rushed to the scene, offering to compensate for the stolen bread twofold, the angry mob callously disregarded their entreaties and executed their brutal punishment.

Idisemi, the grieving younger sister of the deceased, bemoaned the injustices their family has endured since their father’s passing. She expressed bewilderment as to what could have driven her brother to resort to bread theft, explaining that they had become accustomed to a life marked by hardship and deprivation.

Moreover, she lamented the inability of their prosperous uncles, who hold influential positions in government and elsewhere, to extend a helping hand during their desperate times.

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