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Five things to know about Zuckerberg’s Twitter-like social site Threads

Mark Zuckerberg has launched his Instagram Threads on Thursday, an app that is set to rival Twitter.
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Mark Zuckerberg recently launched a new app called Instagram Threads, which is poised to take on Twitter. According to screenshots from the App Store listing, Threads will function like Twitter with text-based posts that can be liked, shared and commented on. The app is currently topping the chat as the most downloaded social networking app with over 100 million downloads in 7 hours as announced by Zuckerberg. Here are five details about Threads:

1. Engaging Discussions: Similar to Twitter, Threads enables users to have lively conversations about various topics on a daily basis. It’s a platform where communities can come together to share their thoughts and opinions.

2. Seamless Integration: Threads seamlessly imports users’ existing Instagram followers and following lists, eliminating the hassle of starting from scratch. This allows users to instantly connect with their established community.

3. Connect with Creatives: The app allows users to follow and directly engage with their favorite creators and like-minded individuals who share similar interests. It’s a great way to build connections, share ideas, and showcase creativity.

4. Instagram Integration: Since Threads is closely linked to Instagram, it inherits some of the platform’s distinctive features. For instance, users will likely have a character limit of 125 for captions, 150 for bios, and 30 for usernames. This adds a touch of familiarity for Instagram users.

5.Limitless Engagement: Unlike Twitter, Threads may not have restrictions on the amount of content you can consume. However, there might be action limits, such as a maximum of 500 actions per day, encompassing activities like following, unfollowing, and liking.

With its colorful interface and enticing features, Threads has already gained significant traction, surpassing 100 million downloads within just seven hours of its launch. It’s set to revolutionize the way people connect and engage with each other online.

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