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Flutterwave’s ‘Tuition’ launches to help African students pay foreign fees in local currencies

Flutterwave’s Tuition takes away the hassles of sourcing for dollars before you can pay your tuition fees. Within the comfort of your home, you can enroll on the platform and make your payments to any international institution in naira. This is payment solution is available across Africa. Africans and people living in Africa can pay for their tuitions fees in their local currencies.
Credit: Flutterwave
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Flutterwave has introduced Tuition, a payment solution that enables international students across Africa to pay tuition fees in their local currencies. This is all desirable as the world and Africa pushes towards de-dollarising international payment systems.

This resolves the daunting age-long task of paying school fees that students studying abroad face – from dealing with foreign currencies and exchange rates to navigating unfamiliar payment systems that are expensive, inaccessible, and sometimes unsafe.

International students can now use Tuition to pay their tuition in their home currencies within 48 hours, saving them the time and stress of having to worry about missing the deadline. This gives them more time to concentrate on their studies. For African students studying anywhere—on the continent or abroad—tuition makes payments more straightforward.

To improve the entire experience of paying for school fees for their students, institutions from all over the world can join Tuition. Students will be able to use the platform to pay their tuition fees once the institution has been properly onboarded.

Transparency is a key component of Tuition, therefore there will be no hidden costs when calculating the breakdown of the school fees in your local currency. Additionally, Tuition has no dollar restriction and integrates with all major payment processors so that students may pay their fees without worrying about their cards not working.

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How Tuition Works for Students

Simple! Create an account using your email, Google, or Apple login to finish the onboarding process quickly.

  • Select the list of universities from the drop-down list
  • Input payment information which includes originating country, and amount, and you upload your school fees invoice
  • Input student information which includes name, email, student ID, Date of Birth
  • Review the transfer details before completing the transaction
  • Select your preferred payment method to pay for the transaction
  • The funds will be available in the school account in 48hrs, and you can download the receipt and send it to your school.

For Schools

On this page’s home page, click Enroll your Intuition. After entering your information, a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Questions you might have:

What is Tuition?

Tuition is a payment platform that helps African students studying overseas pay their school fees seamlessly and on time.

Which country can I pay from?

We currently support payments from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Cameroon. When we add more countries, you’ll be the first to know.

Which institution can I pay to?

We currently support payment in the United Kingdom, with the goal to expand across the globe. If you cannot find your institution, please click on “This institution is not on our list” and fill out the displayed form.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay using your debit card, credit card, Google Pay, or by bank transfer (Nigeria only).

What rate is used for my payment?

We use the current market rates to determine the exchange rate. You can check the daily rates whenever you attempt to make a payment, so you always know how much your institution will receive.

How does Tutiton charge per Transaction?

We charge a flat fee of 20 GBP for every payment made through Tuition.

How can I confirm that my school has received the payment?

If the transfer status is “Successful”, the payment has been delivered to your institution. You can click on the “Download receipt” button to download your payment receipt and share it with your institution for confirmation.

Get started today

To start paying your school fees via Tuition, visit and signup up with your email, Google, or Apple login.

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