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FUOYE VC enhances staff welfare with new 60-seater bus

This development comes as part of Prof. Abayomi’s commitment to enhancing the overall working environment and ensuring the convenience of the university’s employees.
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In a commendable move aimed at improving staff welfare and transportation services, Prof. Abayomi Fasina, the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), has provided a brand new 60-seater bus to facilitate the commuting needs of the institution’s staff members. This development comes as part of Prof. Abayomi’s commitment to enhancing the overall working environment and ensuring the convenience of the university’s employees.

The new bus, which was unveiled, signifies a significant step forward for FUOYE in terms of staff transportation services. With the increasing number of employees at the university, the provision of this 60-seater bus is expected to alleviate the challenges previously faced in commuting to and fro the institution.

Prof. Abayomi emphasised the importance of ensuring the comfort and convenience of staff members, recognizing that efficient transportation is vital for productivity and job satisfaction. He expressed his gratitude to the university’s management and governing council for their support in making this initiative a reality.

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The 60-seater bus is equipped with modern amenities, including comfortable seating arrangements, air conditioning, and state-of-the-art safety features. This new addition to the university’s fleet not only aims to enhance the commuting experience for the staff but also underscores FUOYE’s commitment to prioritising the welfare of its employees.

The provision of the new bus is also expected to have a positive impact on the environment. By encouraging more staff members to utilise the university’s transportation services, the initiative seeks to reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road, thus minimising carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

Prof. Abayomi further highlighted that this was just the beginning of his plans to improve various aspects of the university’s infrastructure and services. He emphasised his commitment to continuing efforts that would enhance the overall working and learning experience at FUOYE.

The staff members expressed their appreciation for Prof. Abayomi’s initiative, acknowledging the positive impact it would have on their daily lives. They expressed hope that this development would be followed by further improvements in other areas to create an even more conducive work environment.

As the new 60-seater bus takes to the roads, the staff members of FUOYE can look forward to a more convenient and comfortable commuting experience, thanks to the proactive steps taken by the Vice Chancellor. With his commitment to enhancing staff welfare and infrastructure, the future appears promising for the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti.

By: Precious Onajobi

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