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FUTA students protest death of peer

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In a demonstration of grief and dissatisfaction, students from the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), gathered on Friday to protest the untimely demise of one of their peers, Akeredolu Ayomide.

The 500-level student tragically collapsed and subsequently passed away on Thursday evening.

The protesters took a stance on the bustling Akure/Ilesha road, causing extensive traffic congestion and inconveniencing commuters for several hours. Despite appeals from certain university officials, the students remained unyielding in their stance.

They alleged that the university’s medical centre lacked essential facilities, which they believed contributed to Ayomide’s unfortunate demise.

One student, who engaged with members of the press, disclosed that Ayomide collapsed within his hostel and was urgently transported to the University Health Center.

However, due to a shortage of basic amenities, the efforts to resuscitate him proved futile, leading to his demise within the university clinic.

“We rushed him to the health center around 8:30 pm,” the student recounted. “Upon our arrival, a power outage occurred, casting a shadow over the oxygen setup, CPR, and injections administered. Throughout the medical procedures, the lighting remained absent, compelling us to employ flashlights. It’s astonishing that the clinic lacks backup power supply.”

The protesting students also decried an incident involving a former vice-president of the FUTA Student Union (FUTASU), who urgently required medical attention.

The Health Center’s refusal to treat her due to her lack of identification sparked outrage among the students.

Allegedly, the health center director responded provocatively, intensifying the students’ anger.

The demonstrators expressed their grievances through a peaceful rally, urging governmental intervention.

They emphasised the recurrence of similar incidents in the past, wherein promises made following demonstrations went unfulfilled.

In response to the student’s tragic passing and subsequent protests, Adegbenro Adebanjo, the director of corporate communication at FUTA, conveyed the university’s condolences.

Despite exhaustive efforts to revive Ayomide at the institution’s health center, the outcome remained unfortunate.

Adebanjo, in a formal statement, urged for tranquility and implored the protesters to desist from further unrest.

He assured them that their concerns would be addressed comprehensively.

“The Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA, laments the abrupt demise of our student, Ayomide Akeredolu, who passed away on Thursday, August 24, 2023, due to a sudden illness,” Adebanjo’s statement read.

According to medical personnel’s reports, Ayomide’s collapse transpired in his hostel, and efforts for revival proved unsuccessful.

He was then transferred to the UNIMED teaching hospital in Akure, under the supervision of university medical personnel.

Recognising the students’ reservations about the university’s health center, a meeting between university management and student representatives transpired at the vice-chancellor’s office.

The discussion highlighted discrepancies in accessing medical services at the health center.

Management acknowledged the concerns and issued directives for prompt rectification of the issues raised by the students.

Continuous monitoring will ensure the satisfactory implementation of these measures, further fostering a harmonious environment on campus.

In this period of sorrow, the university management stands in solidarity with the bereaved family and students.

They extend their heartfelt sympathies and prayers for strength during this challenging time.

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