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Girls Mentoring On Leadership & Smart Thinking

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Thanks in part to your support, another girl’s mentoring session was held at the end of May on Leadership and Smart Thinking. The goal of the mentoring session was to discuss adolescent leadership and smart thinking and to teach the girls essential problem-solving tips.  Thirty-four young ladies between the ages of 10-20 years old in Freetown attended the mentoring session. Food and transportation money was provided to all participants.

Miss Isatu K., one of the guest speakers, emphasized the importance of having a good character as a leader in their communities. She similarly stated that it is important for leaders to be trustworthy and persuasive. Mrs. Bimpe M., a virtual speaker from Nigeria, similarly discussed mentoring and leadership. she began her session with a background of her organization (SMILE) and then went on to share motivational videos and leadership videos on discovering one’s purpose in life. She then explained the importance of finding one’s purpose. She also told the girls that they have enormous potential and that they matter in society. These words were very impactful to the girls as many of them come from homes where their self-esteem is marginalized.

Thank you for your support towards empowering and educating girls in Sierra Leone. You are truly making a difference for girls with your generous support. Please share this with your contacts and invite them to consider supporting this ongoing project.

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