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Global Student Prize shortlists 2 Nigerians for $100, 000 award

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Two Nigerians have been shortlisted for the esteemed 2023 Global Student Prize, a prestigious award presented annually with a generous $100,000 prize to one exceptional student who has demonstrated a significant positive impact on education, their peers, and society as a whole.

The two deserving Nigerian students are Onyinye Omenugha, a 24-year-old law student currently studying at the Nigerian Law School in Port Harcourt, Rivers, and Efe Johnson, a 23-year-old student from Kaduna State University.

The Global Student Prize, organized by, received an overwhelming response with 3,851 applications from 122 countries worldwide.

According to the organiser, out of these, only 50 candidates made it to the final shortlist, and an impressive 10 of them are students from various African nations.

This highlights the exceptional achievements of the African student community on the global stage.

The award, established in 2021 through a partnership with the Varkey Foundation, aims “to recognise and celebrate the remarkable contributions of students who have positively impacted the field of education, society, and the lives of their peers.”

The final selection process is in the hands of the Global Student Prize Academy, which comprises prominent individuals in the education sector and beyond.

Among the other finalists are Afopezi Moses, a talented computer networking student from Cameroon, Paul Amanour, a 28-year-old law student representing Ghana, Kezia Sanie, a law student also from Ghana, Marrieta Kazungu, an 18-year-old secondary school student from Kenya, Cynthia Nyongesa from South Africa, Emmanuel Msoka representing Tanzania, Tafadzwa Chikwereti hailing from Zimbabwe, and Sarah Ongom Apio, a postgraduate diploma student in monitoring and evaluation at the Uganda Management Institute in Kampala, Uganda.

The top 10 finalists for the Global Student Prize are set to be announced in August, and we eagerly await the subsequent revelation of the ultimate winner from this exceptional pool of talent.

This award serves as an inspiring celebration of the dedication and impact young students can make in shaping the future of education and society at large.

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