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How to win the next MS/Ph.D scholarship

There are several ways to win a Graduate School Scholarship as an International Student. This blue street is littered with several guides and testimonials on how to navigate the deep waters of Foreign Scholarships.
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Navigating the competitive landscape of securing scholarships for graduate studies can feel like embarking on a daunting journey, especially as an international student. However, armed with a strategic approach and perseverance, the path to winning coveted MS or Ph.D. scholarships becomes clearer. One such proven model, which has successfully propelled over 300 individuals into fully funded Master’s and Ph.D. programs across renowned institutions globally, is outlined below.

The journey begins with honing a distinct research interest, a compass guiding your academic pursuits. Delving into universities offering programs aligned with your passion becomes paramount. Yet, the key lies not only in identifying these institutions but also in establishing meaningful connections with professors who share your research enthusiasm. Crafting personalized emails demonstrating your keen interest ignites the initial spark of engagement.

As you meticulously compile application requirements ranging from academic transcripts to standardized test scores and research experiences, the importance of compelling documentation cannot be overstated. Crafting Academic CVs, Statements of Purpose (SOPs), and Research Statements that encapsulate your academic journey and aspirations becomes a crucial step in the process.

Moreover, securing the advocacy of seasoned recommenders who can eloquently vouch for your academic prowess and potential elevates your application’s credibility. As you navigate the labyrinth of applications and admissions, the mantra of perseverance and patience remains steadfast.

Post-application, preparing for interviews and celebrating the eventual admission with a scholarship award signifies the culmination of your dedicated efforts and unwavering belief in your abilities.

In essence, while the road to securing MS or Ph.D. scholarships may seem arduous, following a strategic roadmap infused with passion, persistence, and unwavering self-belief paves the way for success.

But here is the model to get over 300 young persons into fully funded Master’s and Ph.D in the US, Canada, UK, parts of Europe and Australia.

1️⃣ Get a Research Interest
2️⃣ Find Universities in your Country of Choice offering MS or Ph.D programmes in your specific area. Look into their requirements
3️⃣ Find Professors in your research area in these Universities
4️⃣ Send a cold mail. Request for a further discussion on your interest in the mail.
5️⃣ Pencil down the names of the University and Professors you have contacted
6️⃣ Gather the requirements viz Transcript, GRE, Language Test, Research Experience, Voluntatring, Leadership etc
7️⃣Craft compelling Academic CVs, SOPs and Research Statements
8️⃣Find and secure the acceptance of three or more seasoned Recommenders who know you well and can write starling LoRs on your behalf
9️⃣Wait for the admission window to open. While waiting, gather funds to pay for the application fee or look for avenues to secure waivers.
🔟Apply to as many Universities you have penciled down and meet their requirements. In your SOP always discuss ‘fit for programme’.
1️⃣1️⃣Prepare for Post Application Interviews
1️⃣2️⃣ Prepare to celebrate your admission with a scholarship award.

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