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Ignoring post-election risks, schools in Ogun state reopen

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By Folaranmi Ajayi

Following the closure of schools in some states of the federation by the ministry of education, some private schools in Sango, Ifo area of Ogun state have resumed amidst the announcement of the results of the presidential election, courting post-election violence.. 

Speaking to Edugist, serving corps member, Francis, narrated that all the school children in his area, Ifo, Ogun state are going back to school this morning. 

He said “I was seriously shocked this morning upon waking up to see school children from some private and public schools in the area returning to school.”

School children in the company of a parent going to school around Ifo, Coker Local Government area, Ogun state)

He added that the school where he is currently serving is along Coker road, Ifo and they have been asked to resume academic activities this morning. 

Scanning through the area Edugist correspondent confirmed that schools in Ifo LGA and Sango have resumed school activities with school children trouping back. 

A school owner in Ifo local government told Edugist that schools are expected to resume today in the state. It was only midterm break that was given. 

He added that schools suppose to understand the situation of the country but some pretend as if they don’t care now school children are loitering the very deserted areas. 

Screenshot 2023 02 27 18 58 54 264 edit .docs
A mother carrying her young child to school. [Folaranmi Ajayi/Edugist]
Edugist confirmed that the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta earlier announced the closure of both public and private primary and secondary schools as well as Government Science and Technical Colleges in the state. 

According to a memo released by the ministry schools are to proceed on 2nd term mid-term holiday for the 2022/2023 academic session from Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th February 2023. 

“The Ministry said an ‘Open Day’ shall be observed by both Public and Private Primary and Secondary schools on Wednesday 22nd February 2023.”

While advising parents and guardians to take proper care of their wards during this holiday the ministry added that schools are expected to resume academic activities on Monday 27th February 2023.

Speaking to Edugist, a classroom teacher, Damola lamented how education in the state is not taken seriously but with levity and no measure of safety and understanding of the terrain. 

She said “It is not new that here in Ogun state you see school children both private and public loitering around especially in sensitive periods like this, why are the children asked to resume today why the rush, why not take time to know the outcome of the election and the security situation before putting the lives of young ones at risk.”

A concerned parent, Taiwo told Edugist that some of these schools owners are not really concerned about anything but money and that’s the motivation behind the early resumption.

He called on the government of the state to improve the quality of education and ensure strict compliance to educational policies across the state.  

“Government should take educational matters like safety of school children seriously and monitor how private schools operate across the state,” he told Edugist.  


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