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It has always been my passion to serve — NAOSS president-elect

He revealed that his plan for the association is a mission beyond the presidency as he plans to take NAOSS-OAU to the peak through a “Students’ Centered Agenda”.
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The President-Elect of the National Association of Osun State Students, Obafemi Awolowo University chapter, Adedapo Taiwo Emmanuel has disclosed in an interview with Edugist his passion to serve the association with modesty and honesty.

He revealed that his plan for the association is a mission beyond the presidency as he plans to take NAOSS-OAU to the peak through a “Students’ Centered Agenda”.

According to Emmanuel, Social capacity is his lead agenda. He describes it as a social networking strategy to bring about positive energy for collectivity and solidarity.

“Under this initiative, we could expect conferences, seminars, symposiums, skill fair programs, empowerment and vocational training, scholarship opportunities, excursions, public opinion bathes and intellectual debates,” he added.

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For the welfare of members, Adedapo declared that it will be duly prioritised. While he promised to continue the legacy of his predecessor, he shared that there will be exam welfare packages and palliatives for all members.

On the basis that Osun is a state with a rich history and culture, he expressed commitment to revamping social and cultural lives as it is a way to tell histories and sustain culture. Together with other executives, he planned to host cultural and social events like Mr and Miss Osun contest, Inter Local Government cultural contest among others.

He told Edugist that every member will have a sense of belonging during his administration as he will make sure that there is a representative of the association in each faculty.

The newly elected members of the executive are Adedapo Taiwo Emmanuel – President, Odekanle Suliyat Olorunnifemi – Vice President I, Adeyera Praise Tijesunimi – Vice President II, Babatunde Qudus Abiodun – General Secretary, Adeyemo Zaccheus Adekunle – Assistant General Assistant, Ibraheem Olushola Taoheed – Public Relations Officer I, Ekundare Temiloluwa Israel – Public Relations Officer II, Ariwodola Olatunde Isreal – Financial Secretary, Ajayi Victor Ayomide – Treasurer, Oyelola Anjola Abolade – Welfare Director, Odesanmi Oluwapelumi Israel – Social Director and Olajide Fiyinfoluwa Israel – Sports Director.

By: Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

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