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JA Nigeria empowers Landmark College, Ikorodu students with comprehensive project management training

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Junior Achievement (JA) Nigeria, partnered with the Educational Foundation Project Management Institute, to provide students at Landmark College,Ikorodu with an enriching training programme in project management.

As one of Africa’s most impactful youth-serving NGOs, JA Nigeria is renowned for its immersive learning experiences covering a spectrum of essential skills, including work readiness, financial health, entrepreneurship, sustainability, STEM, economics, citizenship, and ethics.

IMG 20240124 WA0055
The students during the training programme

Dokun Inioluwa, a dedicated volunteer at JA Africa, and his partner, Oke Omotolani, conducted interactive sessions at Landmark College, Ikorodu, on Wednesday January 24, 2024.

The training, which focused on equipping senior school students with essential project management skills, was held in the school hall.

The first session, led by Oke Omotolani delved into the effective strategies for managing projects, covering everything from planning to capital and risk management.

The students actively engaged in discussions, fostering a dynamic and participative learning environment.

The second session took a student-centered approach, with participating students organized into groups.

Each group presented a project, highlighting challenges and associated risks. The vibrant exchange of ideas during this session showcased the students’ creativity and problem-solving skills.

IMG 20240124 WA0057
Inioluwa training the students in project management

The initiative, orchestrated by Mr. Adeyoye, the Head of Business Unit at Landmark College, Ikorodu received commendation for its commitment to enhancing students’ practical knowledge.

Expressing gratitude at the event, JA Africa’s Mr. Inioluwa praised the warm welcome from Landmark College management and emphasized their role as part of the world’s largest network dedicated to empowering students through experiential, hands-on programmes.

Speaking on behalf of the students, the School Headboy, Kamaldeen Awotubo, along with two other prefects, Daniel Onabanjo and Faridah Lawal, conveyed their appreciation to JA Africa for the invaluable training.

They pledged to transfer the acquired knowledge to their junior counterparts, reinforcing the sustainability of the initiative.

Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN), as part of Junior Achievement Worldwide, continues to play a pivotal role in fostering economic education.

The collaboration with Landmark College stands as a testament to their commitment to empowering the youth with essential skills for future success.

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