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Kano lawmaker donates textbooks, school bags to 4,000 students

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A federal lawmaker representing the Bichi Federal Constituency of Kano State, Abubakar Abubakar, made a generous contribution to the education sector by donating a variety of essential educational materials to 4,274 secondary school students in his immediate constituency.

The items donated included laptop and desktop computers, printers, textbooks, and school bags.

According to the Punch, the lawmaker handed over these donations during a ceremony held in Bichi.

He emphasised that his aim was to complement the government’s efforts in providing basic educational resources to schools in the state.

Abubakar expressed his belief that this gesture would enhance the quality of teaching and learning in schools while also making education more affordable.

He emphasised the importance of equipping children with the necessary learning materials to excel academically, stating that the education committee of the constituency meticulously determined the number of students and schools requiring assistance.

The lawmaker presented 15,511 textbooks and notebooks, 550 laptop and desktop computers, printers, and 4,274 school bags to the beneficiaries, the report unveiled.

Abubakar also revealed that he had constructed and furnished 200 blocks of classrooms in 11 schools within his constituency. He also disclosed plans to offer scholarships to graduates from the constituency who wished to pursue higher education abroad.

Recognizsng the shortage of teachers in public schools, he expressed his intention to engage an additional 150 graduates, supplementing the existing 106 teachers employed by the state government.

Abubakar encouraged parents in the constituency to prioritize their children’s education, highlighting the potential benefits they would gain from becoming educated and productive members of society.

“We want to assist our children to have the basic learning materials to excel in their academic pursuits.

“I gave this assignment to members of the education committee of our constituency, and they came up with accurate statistics on the number of students and schools we have.

“So, today we are presenting 15,511 textbooks and notebooks, 550 laptop and desktop computers, printers, and 4,274 school bags to the beneficiaries

“This is to ensure that every child in this constituency goes to school with the necessary learning materials,” he said.

Prof. Yusuf Sabo, the chairman of Bichi Local Government Area, expressed gratitude on behalf of the students for the significant donation, describing it as an unprecedented milestone in the history of the council.

Alhaji Lawan Shehu, a member of the Kano State House Assembly representing the Bichi constituency, hailed the lawmaker’s actions as a commendable investment in the future of the younger generation within the constituency.

Murtala Namowa, the coordinator of the Education Committee of the constituency, concluded by urging other government officials, individuals, and groups within the constituency to follow the lawmaker’s example in their efforts to improve the lives of residents.

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