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Kebbi emir endorses competence of state education minister

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Zayyanu Abdullahi, the Emir of Yauri in Kebbi State, has assured President Bola Tinubu that Yusuf Sununu, the newly appointed minister of state for education, would not disappoint Nigerians.

The emir conveyed this during a reception held at Yauri Town Hall in honour of the minister and other appointees.

The reception, organised by the Yauri Emirate Council in partnership with the Yauri Emirate Development Association, aimed to promote unity and strengthen relationships among the local populace.

Abdullahi praised President Tinubu for appointing one of his subjects as a minister and expressed the emirate’s happiness about this development.

He also acknowledged Gov. Nasir Idris of Kebbi State for appointing Alhaji Yakubu Bala-Tafida as Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and other prominent members of the emirate.

Abdullahi described these appointments as achievements that would drive growth and development not only within the Yauri emirate but also across the state and the nation.

“The recent appointments have given the emirate and its people a sense of belonging, honour and dignity.

“Now we have a minister, SSG, permanent secretary, members House of Assembly, Special Advisers and Commissioners.

“So, we have every reason to thank God Almighty. All we pray is unity among all members of the emirate irrespective of ethnicity, tribe or political leaning.

“I urge you people to continue to respect your elders most especially the traditional institutions who are the custodians of our culture and tradition, and they are always at your service,” he said.

Sununu, the minister of state for education, thanked the Emir and the people of Yauri emirate for organising the reception in his honor.

He pledged to fulfill his duties diligently to contribute to the positive growth and development of the education sector and the nation.

The SSG also appreciated the emir’s efforts in fostering unity, peace, and development within the emirate, and Bala-Tafida acknowledged the state governor’s support for promoting development in the Yauri emirate.

At the event, awards were presented to the eight newly appointed individuals, including Mr. Buhari Wara, the Permanent Secretary of the state Ministry of Information and Culture.

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