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Lagos District II celebrates top UTME candidate

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Education District II in Lagos has celebrated the top-performing candidate in the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Dejo Osejoro Segbenu, a science student from Lanre Awolokun High School in Gbagada, has been honoured for his exceptional performance in the recently concluded UTME.

As an assistant headboy of the school, he outperformed other students in the state by achieving a score of 352. His subject-wise breakdown revealed remarkable scores of 94 in Mathematics, 98 in Chemistry, 96 in Physics, and 64 in English, making him the highest achiever in Lagos State.

During a congratulatory visit to Lanre Awolokun High School, Gbagada, Anike Adekanye, the Tutor General/Permanent Secretary (TG/PS) of Education District II, described the celebration of Dejo’s achievement as a testament to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s commitment and investment in the education sector.

She expressed her appreciation for the dedication of the teachers and the entire Education District II community.

Adekanye encouraged Dejo to remain focused and remember the support he received from his background, school, and the Lagos State Government in his success. She also urged other students to strive for excellence, emphasizing that teachers derive joy from witnessing their students’ accomplishments.

“The UTME Best Result candidate is being celebrated to encourage others to improve on their efforts. I must, however, commend the teachers and the entire Education District II family for their dedication to service,” she stated.

She added, “My joy knows no bounds especially on the success and achievement of the district as recorded so far. The District is known for good results and achievements such as winning Best Teacher Award in the State, Best Artisan Award, Best Student Award, including the best WAEC result and winning the Spelling Bee Competition, with the prize of becoming the One-Day Governor among others.”

She also commended the school management for consistently delivering outstanding results, such as winning awards for Best Teacher, Best Artisan, Best Student, and achieving the best WAEC results.

The school also emerged victorious in the spelling bee competition, with one of its students becoming the one-day governor.

Bayo Onifade, the Principal of Lanre Awolokun High School, expressed gratitude to the TG/PS of Education District II for the visit. He commended both Dejo and his teachers for their hard work and encouraged other students to emulate Dejo’s excellent performance.

Awoyemi Remilekun, the mathematics teacher at the school, described Dejo as a diligent and hardworking student who consistently sought to expand his knowledge.

Dejo often approached him for guidance in areas where he needed clarification, having dedicated himself to practicing numerous JAMB past questions.

Master Dejo Osejoro Segbenu, the highest scorer in the UTME in Lagos, attributed his remarkable achievement to prioritizing hard work and diligent study.

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