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Lagos school allegedly sends student back home for wrapping books with Obi’s poster

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A secondary school in Lagos State, Odomola Secondary School, has sent one of its students home.

According to a report, the school stated that the students was sent home because she wrapped her exercise book with the poster of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Her mother took to social media to lament the situation. She appealed to Nigerians to come to the family’s rescue, saying the 10-year-old girl showed no interest in politics.

“This is to inform you all, that my daughter Marvelous Barinaadaa, was exited from Odomola Secondary School today 14th March, 2023 by the school principal, just because my daughter used Peter Obi’s poster paper to wrap her note book for school,” she said.

“And this girl is just ten years old,” she added.

The mother stated further that the girl doesn’t know anything about politics, but she was sent away from school without informing the parents because they say that we support Peter Obi and Labour.

While speaking about the viral report, the President of Odomola Secondary School Old Students Association, OSSOSA, Epe, Apagun Saka Shola, stated that the JSS2 student was sent home for allegedly causing nuisance and distraction through the distribution of posters of Obi in the classroom.

He noted that the move by the principal was to curtail the nuisance being caused by the student in sharing the posters with other students.

IMG 20230315 WA0031 1
The exeat issued by the school

He said, “I have been able to reach the principal. The issue circulating is far from the truth.

“There is a directive to stop all forms of campaign in the classroom. As some political parties use the students to campaign in class.

“The principal did not expel or suspend the student. She sent her home for causing havoc and disturbance in the class during recess by chatting and sharing LP posters to her mates.”

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