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Lagos school receives donation to enhance technical education

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Towards enhancing technical education in Lagos state, the Wahab Folawiyo comprehensive senior high school at Osborne Ikoyi has received a donation of partitioned workshops for the teaching of plumbing, electrical installation, AC repairs and a block making equipment from a Consortium of firms.

The donation is aimed at improving the quality of technical education and to prepare students for the workforce. The honourable commissioner of education, Folasade Adefisayo, received the workshops and equipment on behalf of the school.

She expressed gratitude to the Consortium of firms for their support, stating that this donation will be of great help to the students and their academic progress.

The workshops, which are partitioned for different areas of technical education, will provide students with practical experience in plumbing, electrical installation, AC repairs and block making equipment.

20230328 171305
The partitioned workshop that was presented.

The generator donated by the consortium of firms will ensure that the workshops are fully operational and functional, providing students with the necessary tools to learn. The donation was made as part of a Public Private Partnership initiative in support of the Comprehensive School programme.

20230328 171300
A view of the workshop and other installation made

The following firms were part of the Consortium that made the donation:
BCL Nigeria Ltd., Mar & Mor Nig. Ltd., Stepris Nigeria Ltd., Ac & Vent Nig. Ltd., Kaysmatrix Nig. Ltd., Gross delight Ltd., Keli Mgt Ltd., Meche-e Concept Services Ltd., APD Project Mgt Ltd., Studio Stoone, OJ & T Nig. Ltd., and Mega Watts Nig. Ltd.

The principal of Wahab Folawiyo Comprehensive Senior High School expressed appreciation for the donation, saying that it would enable the school to provide a better learning environment for the students.

The donation also underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in promoting education and empowering the youth. The workshops and equipment are expected to enhance the technical skills of the students and prepare them for the workforce.

This donation is a significant boost to the school’s technical education programme, and it is a clear indication of the commitment of the Consortium of firms towards improving the quality of education in Nigeria.

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