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Lagos TG/PS Commends Retirees’ Contributions to Education Sector

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The Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary of Lagos State Education District 1, Barrister Titilayo Solarin, has commended the sterling qualities and immense contributions of 225 retired officers to the advancement of education within and around the District, in particular, and Lagos State as a whole.

Speaking at an event marking the Last Day in Office for the retirees, held at Government Day Secondary School, Agege, the TG/PS affirmed that the retirees had served Lagos State tirelessly to ensure its continued growth above its peers.

She expressed optimism that despite the unusual challenges experienced during the year, the education sector and other areas of the economy affected by the pandemic will bounce back strong and better.

The TG/PS said, “Teachers in Education District I demonstrated responsible leadership since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and I’m sure that their invaluable contributions mitigated the dreadful impact of the pandemic on the education of the learners.

“They embraced new technology to confront the challenges posed by the virus.”

She advised the retirees to spend their retirement getting involved in community services and creating more time for their families, paying attention to their health and getting closer to God.

Barrister Solarin added that the annual celebration of retired officers by the District has been helpful in stimulating the interest of other serving officers in the teaching profession and imparting knowledge to students.

In her remarks, the Director of Post Service Department, Public Service Office (PSO), Mrs. Bukonla Durodola, rejoiced with the retirees for a successful public service career devoid of any form of blemish.

She maintained that all the successes recorded by both the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Education District I could not have been possible without the efforts and contributions of the retired officers, who she said, had served the State meritoriously.

While making reference to the recently held maiden edition of a training and sensitisation programme for retired officials from the State Public Service by the Public Service Office, the Director gave an assurance that the government will continue to engage its retirees in productive ventures.


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