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LASU makes Yoruba Language compulsory course for all students, calls it GNS104

LASU’s decision to introduce this course aligns with the broader national effort to preserve Nigeria’s diverse linguistic and cultural heritage.
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The Lagos State University (LASU) in an obvious move to preserve Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, has announced the inclusion of Yoruba Language as a compulsory course for all its students.

The new course added to the school’s curriculum from the 2023/2024 academic session is titled GNS 104 (Yoruba Language Studies).

LASU’s decision to introduce this course aligns with the broader national effort to preserve Nigeria’s diverse linguistic and cultural heritage.

The course, Yoruba Language Studies, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the Yoruba language, one of Nigeria’s prominent indigenous languages.

It aims to equip students with language skills, cultural knowledge, and historical context, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Yoruba culture.

Speaking on the development, Professor T.M Salisu, the Dean of LASU Faculty of Arts and Humanities, expressed his enthusiasm for the introduction of the course. He emphasized its potential to strengthen students’ connections to their roots and promote cultural diversity.

“GNS 104 will not only enhance language proficiency but also encourage a more profound understanding of the Yoruba people, their customs, and traditions,” he stated.

The Yoruba Language Studies course will cover various aspects of Yoruba culture, including language structure, literature, history, folklore, and contemporary issues.

It will be open to students from all faculties as part of the General Nigerian Studies (GNS) program, reflecting LASU’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning.

Recall that the Lagos state assembly in conscious efforts to preserve Yoruba culture, heritage, and the use of the language in public places passed a bill in 2017 that made teaching of Yoruba compulsory for all schools in the state.

The assembly early this year also started using the Yoruba language for legislative activities.

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