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LASU students’ union launches weekly report on institution’s radio to enhance communication

The announcement was made by the 34th LASUSU Executives and powered by the 34th LASUSU PRO.
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The Lagos State University Students Union (LASUSU) has officially announced the establishment of the ‘LASUSU WEEKLY REPORT ON LASU RADIO.’ This initiative stems from a recently signed agreement between the Public Relations Officer and the Legal Director of LASUSU and the Managing Director of LASU Radio.

The announcement was made by the 34th LASUSU Executives and powered by the 34th LASUSU PRO.

The primary objective of this platform is to serve as a centralized hub for union activities, fostering efficient communication channels between the student body and the university’s management.

The ‘LASUSU WEEKLY REPORT ON LASU RADIO’ is expected to play a pivotal role in fostering a more connected and well-informed student body.

The initiative aims to provide students with timely updates and relevant information, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest developments within the university.

This strategic move is poised to be a game-changer, offering students a dynamic platform to engage with the union’s activities and stay well-informed about campus affairs. The ‘LASUSU WEEKLY REPORT ON LASU RADIO’ is set to become a vital tool for not only disseminating news but also facilitating dialogue between the student union and the university administration.

Anticipation is building as the student community eagerly awaits the scheduled times for the broadcasts. This underscores the commitment of the student union to enhance transparency, communication, and overall engagement within the academic community.

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