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LASUBEB Equips Headteachers, Officers in Modern Techniques ahead of Resumption

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In preparation for the January 18 resumption for primary and secondary schools, Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board has trained headteachers, school support officers on modern teaching and learning techniques.

The training which started on Wednesday took place at the Maryland complex office of LASUBEB.

It brought together 150 school support officers and 350 headteachers in attendance while the trainers were drawn from tertiary institutions across the state.

The Executive Chairman, LASUBEB, Mr Wahab Alawiye-King, urged the participants whom he charaterised as burden bearers to get themselves acquainted with information communication technology.

Alawiye-king added that the training was aimed at helping the participants to do a quality assessment and empower them with necessary modern techniques.

“We are proud of you as our support officers, we see you as our burden bearers. This training is part of our teachers’ development programme and we are using the pyramid model.

“Part of what this training aims at is helping you to do your assessment which includes the contribution assessment which entails your ability to monitor what is happening in the school and give value for money; the assessment focuses on result which is about teaching and learning outcomes,” he stated.

He encouraged the support officers to see themselves as team members who were to render professional supports to schools and avoid finding faults.

“What we are using now is the quality assurance model. We need to focus on four realisation stages which is the recognition stage; identification stage, which is to identify the magnitude and quantum of the challenges; preparation stage, which entails preparing ourselves and trying to use the best of the model to address the challenges, and the last, the activation stage which is all about applying all you are learning here. You must get yourself acquainted with ICT,” Alawiye-king said.

Reacting, one of the participants, the Head of Sections, Basic Education Quality Assurance, Kosofe Local Government Area, Mr Roberts Akinola, revealed, “It has been an interactive and brainstorming session. It is a timely service training programme aimed at sensitising supporting officers on how to carry headteachers along and the main focus is on the child. We are in the system because of the children and how to make an impact in a child-centred learning system.”

The headteacher of Pedro Primary School, Shomolu, Mrs Rachael Adesina, informed that the training was to ensure that learners and other stakeholders realised the importance of learning.

“There should be development in such a way that both teachers and leaderships are able to bring out the best in the schools and learners,” she said.

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