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LASUBEB Organises Induction Programme for Newly Recruited Primary School Teachers

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The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, LASUBEB, has organised an induction programme for the newly recruited primary school teachers in the state.

While speaking at the programme on Monday November 23, 2020, the Executive Chairman of LASUBEB, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King, advised the 2000 newly recruited primary school teachers to familiarise themselves with all necessary public service documents that would aid the discharge of their duties to the State Government.

The Chairman underscored the indispensability of the Public Service Rules, Financial Regulations and some other vital service documents to the new employees.

He stressed that the materials are important to guide their conduct, utterances and interaction as government officials.

“Get yourself acquainted with the system, get a copy of the Public Service Rules, know your rights, limitations and responsibilities. Develop yourself from time to time and be certified by the relevant professional body so that you can be globally competitive”, the LASUBEB Chairman pleaded.

The induction programme, which was held simultaneously at five different centres, according to Alawiye-King, was important considering the different backgrounds of the new employees who are fresh in the system, especially in guiding against ignorance that could make them run foul of some laid down procedures in service.

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Teachers at the programme

He said, “This induction programme is customary for every new employee. It is meant to give you a smooth entry into the teaching service at the basic education level.”

The Chairman congratulated the newly employed teachers for scaling through the very rigorous screening exercise and being able to gain employment among many other qualified applicants.

He expressed delight seeing very passionate individuals as applicants for teaching jobs

He stated that the professional level, which teaching has now assumed, shows that qualified individuals could now be employed as teachers, contrary to the previous practice when people were usually reluctant to join the teaching Service.

Alawiye-King also counselled the newly employed teachers on financial intelligence and management of their resources to meet their needs, especially now that they have fixed sources of regular income.

While making a presentation to the new employees, the Director-General of Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre, PSSDC, Dr. Senukon Àjọṣe-Harrison, challenged the teachers to think “outside the box”, broaden their horizon and keep abreast of what happens in other places across the world, especially in the sphere of teaching.

“Hone your skills to be at par with the demands of 21st-century teaching skills and let your goals be S.M.A.R.T, which is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely”, the DG stated.

Source: LASG

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