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Lawmaker tasks stakeholders On Girl-Child education

Zaliha Lawal, CODE’s Project Manager, said that the objective of the training was to ensure an increase in girl-child enrollment for quality education in the state.
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Adamawa House of Assembly Member, Kate Mamuno on Wednesday tasked education stakeholders on increasing girl-child enrollment in secondary schools.

Mamuno, who is the Chairperson, House Committee on Women Affairs, made the call at a two-day capacity building training for education stakeholders in Yola.

The training was organised by Connected Development (CODE) Malala Fund Girl-Child Education Project.

Participants were drawn from the Ministry of Education, Water Resources, State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB), education secretaries and principals.

Mamuno said increasing girl-child enrollment was an investment in education, adding that this is the bedrock of any development in the state and country at large.

I commend the Malala Fund for the training and call on participants to actively participate and apply what they learn towards development of education in the state.

“I am satisfied with the calibre of people at the training, and I believe a lot of success will be recorded at the end of the day.

“I urge all the participants to take part in budget preparation for the development of education and the state in general,” the lawmaker said.

Zaliha Lawal, CODE’s Project Manager, said that the objective of the training was to ensure an increase in girl-child enrollment for quality education in the state.

According to her, it is possible to achieve quality education if there are current policies in place and the support of all stakeholders.

Lawal identified education financing as one of the challenges for enrolment of the girl-child and stressed the need for compulsory education.

Abdulazeez Hassan, the Resource Person, tasked participants on budget analysis, monitoring and evaluation of government projects in education sector for transparency, accountability and effectiveness.

“These will help to have quality education for the children, who are the leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

A participant, Mohammed Jijiwa, Chairman, Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Fufore Local Government Area, appreciated the organisers of the training.

Jijiwa promised on behalf of other participants that they would step down the experience to PTA chairmen in various schools in the council to achieve good results.

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