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Lawyer offers pro bono legal services to student accused of result forgery

Dear Mmesoma, if only I can get your contact or that of your parents, I will gladly represent you legally FOR FREE. Yes! I chose this path for persons like you.”
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Nigerian lawyer, Ndidi Abike, has stepped forward to provide free legal assistance to Miss Ejike Mmesoma, a student who has been accused by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) of forging her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result. In a video circulating on social media, Miss Mmesoma admitted to printing the alleged fake UTME result from JAMB’s portal.

Miss Mmesoma revealed that, despite an ongoing investigation into the validity of her result, JAMB accused her of altering her UTME score without waiting for the outcome of the investigation. The accusations have caused immense shame and emotional distress for her and her family.

Upon hearing about Miss Mmesoma’s situation, lawyer Ndidi Abike expressed her willingness to provide legal representation for free. In a post on her Facebook page, Abike sought to make contact with Miss Mmesoma or her parents, stating, “Dear Mmesoma, if only I can get your contact or that of your parents, I will gladly represent you legally FOR FREE. Yes! I chose this path for persons like you.”

The generous offer by Ndidi Abike, known for her dedication to social justice causes, has garnered attention and support from individuals across the country. Many have praised her commitment to helping those in need, particularly in cases where justice may not be easily accessible.

JAMB, the examination board responsible for conducting the UTME, has not yet released an official statement regarding the allegations against Miss Mmesoma. It remains to be seen how the ongoing investigation will unfold and what impact Abike’s involvement will have on the case.

Forgery accusations can have severe consequences individuals, both legally and socially, and can significantly impact their prospects. The support provided by Ndidi Abike offers a glimmer of hope for Miss Mmesoma, as she now has an experienced lawyer willing to fight for her rights and ensure a fair and just resolution.

As the story continues to develop, the Nigerian public awaits further updates on the progress of the investigation and the potential outcome for Miss Mmesoma. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of due process and the role legal representation plays in safeguarding the rights of individuals facing serious accusations.

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