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Leading your school through a turbulent economy: Join Edugist training 

Edugist, the powerhouse behind this transformative training, aims to dissect effective ways for school administrators to run a school business amid the economic crisis.
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School administrators face a maze of daunting challenges in times of economic crisis. Yet success remains within reach for administrators who know to take advantage of the opportunities that an economic crisis offers. 

Edugist, the leading niche media setting the agenda in  education conversations across Africa, firmly believes that every obstacle presents an equal opportunity for growth and innovation. 

With this in mind, Edugist is thrilled to announce the upcoming training on “Operating A School In An Inflationary Economy”

Edugist, the powerhouse behind this transformative training, aims to dissect effective ways for school administrators to run a school business amid the economic crisis.


Who can attend?

Edugist training and vision resonate with countless educators and education stakeholders, and includes:

  • School owners (Proprietor and Proprietress)
  • School administrators 
  • School heads
  • School accountants
  • Intended school owners
  • Anyone in the value chain of school business


Why attend?

Our training is designed to equip school administrators with practical strategies and innovative approaches to not only survive but thrive amidst economic uncertainty. Whether you are a seasoned administrator or a passionate newcomer in the field, this training promises to empower you with the tools needed to navigate the storm with confidence.


Key benefits

  1. Resilient financial management: Discover how to streamline your budget, optimise resource allocation, and implement cost-effective measures to ensure financial stability during challenging times.
  2. Innovating education delivery: Learn how to leverage technology and creative teaching methods to adapt to the changing educational landscape, offering enhanced learning experiences to students.
  3. Engaging stakeholders: Master the art of effective communication and collaboration to build strong partnerships with parents, teachers, and the wider community, fostering trust and loyalty even in the face of adversity.
  4. Crisis planning and risk management: Gain insights into developing robust contingency plans, safeguarding your institution against potential disruptions, and ensuring continuity during unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Student retention and recruitment: Explore strategies to retain existing students while attracting new enrollments, enabling sustained growth for your school in the long term.


Key details

  • Date: Tuesday, 22nd August 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Venue: Zoom (Virtual)
  • Topic: Operating A School In An Inflationary Economy
  • Facilitator: Mrs. Bukola Baruwa
  • Powered by: Edugist


Training fee

  • Early bird: 5,000 naira
  • Group of three: 20,000 naira 

This highly impactful and interactive training promises to equip you with expert knowledge in financial matters, helping you tackle the challenges posed by an inflationary economy. Get ready to have all your questions answered during the session.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to unburden yourself of financial challenges in running your school. Follow this link for payment and registration.

We believe that adversity is the birthplace of innovation. Join our training and unlock the key to transformative school management. Embrace change, grow as a leader, and inspire your school community to thrive despite any economic challenges. Let us navigate this journey together towards a brighter future for education. See you there!

Register now and secure your spot for this game-changing training.


Facilitator’s Profile

Adebukunola Baruwa is a graduate of Geography Education from Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye in 1992. She went on to serve in Akwa Ibom State where she changed her career to Finance, and now with over 20 years in the financial sector spanning Mortgage, Finance, Audit, Insurance, Commercial and Microfinance Banking before she became an entrepreneurial in producing Wax Crayons as party packs at the back of her house during a 6-year-break from her career to take care of her children. She started commercial production in 2019 when she received funding to become a pioneer in the manufacturing of educational accessories for the education sector. She also doubles as a financial management and education consultant. 

Her passion is to add value to the local resources in Nigeria and ensure Nigeria is a  preferred brand in Africa. She assists and mentors business owners in all sectors to structure and grow. She is a Certified Microfinance Banker, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Trainer, and a Certified Management Consultant with a bias in Finance. She is an alumnus of Fate Foundation (AEP15 & EEP29), alumnus mentee of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2018), and member of Nigeria Association of Small Scale Industries (NASSI).

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