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Lekki Muslim school wins west African quality education awards

The Lekki Muslim Nursery and Primary Schools (LMS) has won the best quality education award (Muslim Schools Category) at the West African Quality Education Awards for the year 2023.
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The Lekki Muslim Nursery and Primary Schools (LMS) has won the best quality education award (Muslim Schools Category) at the West African Quality Education Awards.

The award ceremony took place at the banquet hall, Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos.

The organisers said they had been monitoring the activities of the school since September 2022 and also sent observers to pose as potential parents, which was also replicated in other schools but it was chosen as the winner for the academic year 2022/2023 due to its quality education policies.

Speaking on the award, Alhaji Sola Labinjo, LEMU president, said the award is a testimony that nothing is impossible if the mind is set to work relentlessly towards achieving the set objective.

“It gives me great pleasure to celebrate this award by the Lekki Muslim School, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee of the Lekki Muslim Ummah, I congratulate the Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) School Governing Board, the School Management in general and the School Administrator in particular on this very heart warming recognition.”

“However, I wish to admonish the management of the School, not to be complacent as our goal is yet to be attained and the best is yet to come,” he advised.

He assured LMS that the Executive Committee shall continue to fully support the Schools Government Board in its effort to place all our educational institutions on the highest pedestal; providing a robust and sound foundational Islamic and secular education.

Alhaji Kazeem Adeniji (SAN), chairman, Board of Governors and former attorney general of Lagos State, congratulated the school administrator and members of staff of LMS for this wonderful achievement.

“The mandate of the Board of Governors is to ensure quality and standard of excellence. This award has confirmed the effort of the BOG in achieving this mandate,” he said.

Mr Jamiu Mustafa, LEMU Schools principal, appreciated the support and cooperation of Board of Governors, Executives of LEMU, the parents, pupils and members of staff of LMS.

“This is the first time in the history of LMS that an award of this magnitude would be presented to us.”

Mustafa pointed out that the award was as a result of recommended quality education policies approved for implementation by the members of the BOG. The policies are also supported by the parents, the teachers, the pupils and the LEMU Executive,” he said.

Lekki Muslim Nursery and Primary School commenced operations in September 2016. It is a high quality school approved by the Lagos State Government Office of Education Quality Assurance with the approval number: ETO/14053.

It runs the National Curriculum of England and Wales (British Curriculum) with all the stages of the Primary School: EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with an ideal blend of Nigerian history, geography and social studies. It also features Islamic studies, Arabic, Qur’an recitation and memorisation.

Lekki Muslim Nursery and Primary School is a section of LEMU Schools established by Lekki Muslim Ummah to serve as a meeting point between quality Western and Islamic education.

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