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Michael Okpara University inducts 6802 freshers, warns against immorality

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The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike has inducted 6802 freshers into the institution and warns students against the evil effect of immorality.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Maduebibisi Ofo Iwe, disclosed this during the 29th matriculation ceremony held on Saturday.

The VC disclosed that of the 6802 matriculants, 6069 were 2021/22 and 2022/23 undergraduates, 180 were 2021/22 of Continuing Education and 553 were 2021/22 Post Graduate, PG students.

He stated the management has concluded plans to enforce a moral code in the university.

He further warned, “To achieve and attain this height of excellence in character and in learning, this University maintains zero tolerance for cult activities and other anti-social behaviours. It is not a society of rascals or a hub for acts of prostitution.

“It is still an enviable virtue for the female folk and even the male, to dress modestly and reasonably. We shall soon commence the enforcement of moral codes throughout the University.

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“Let me return to the issue of cultism because of the dangers it poses to unsuspecting students and our corporate life as an institution.

“Cultism has ruined many lives and brought untold grief to many families. Cultists use all sorts of seemingly benign strategies to recruit innocent students and this includes persuasion and deceit. They paint all kinds of false but attractive pictures and scenarios to lure prospective members.

“They promise you power, security, wealth and immunity from all kinds of hazards as dividends accruable to members.

“These are all false promises because cultism leaves in its wake debasement, low esteem, failure, despair and sorrow. It is imperative to make it abundantly clear to the freshmen and women, that anyone of you who allows himself/herself to be lured and initiated into cult groups shall be shown his/her way out of this University.

“Furthermore, if you were initiated before you arrived here, you have an opportunity to totally renounce cultism and repudiate it today. For such people, we advise you to submit yourselves immediately to the Dean of Student Affairs or to the Guidance Counselor so that you can be helped now before it is too late.”

The VC who addressed the University Matriculation forum last at his maiden address on 16″ October 2021 explained, “The reasons for this gap are obvious. We were confronted with all manner of disruptions in the University System within the period.

“We managed to return to conclude the 2020/2021 session in October/December 2022. We re-opened for the 2021/2022 session in January 2023. To be able to accommodate outstanding admissions, this University like many other Federal Universities have to bring in the 2022/2023 set to join at the same time.”

He lamented that 6802 is grossly inadequate when compared with the teeming population of candidates seeking admission into the university and implored all the freshmen and women to take their studies seriously while advising parents to keep a close watch on the behaviour and performance of these students to ensure that they remain on track and focused on their primary assignment in the university.

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