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NACOLM students visit BAT factory for logistics management knowledge

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The students of the Nigerian Army College of Logistics and Management (NACOLM) have visited the British American Tobacco (BAT) Nigeria Factory, in Ibadan on an excursion to aid their knowledge.

This was disclosed by Odiri Erewa-Meggison, the external affairs director of BAT Nigeria.

According to Erewa-Meggison, the excursion was part of efforts to enhance the learning on supply chain logistics and insight on global best practices.

NACOLM’s visit to the $185 million state-of-the-art facility established in 2003, involved adult students above the age of 20 years and it aimed at helping the students translate academic concepts and theories into practical realities in the manufacturing sector.

Erewa-Meggison stated that the objective was to learn best practices in logistic management and broaden their awareness of the principles of the supply chain and the intricate operations between inventory management, employees, and facilities.

“We strongly believe that through academic trips such as this, manufacturing companies like ours can play a positive role in supporting industry learnings to expose young adults to the workplace and enhance their economic well-being, empowering them with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the world of work.

“This study tour to the Ibadan factory is part of BAT Nigeria’s commitment to providing shared value through its a better tomorrow ambition, to the communities in which it operates in, to empower and upscale technical skillsets to a sustainable employment talent pipeline in the country,” she said.

The Director of Operations, Alberto Kauer also stated in his remarks, that the visit was an excellent opportunity for BAT Nigeria to interact with adult students from the Nigeria Army College of Logistics and Management to share knowledge and experience in the supply chain.

He added that it was a very impactful session we had, and these learning sessions are critical for growth and development. Having NACOLM at the Factory demonstrates BAT’s commitment to strengthening local capacities and making a positive impact in society.”

The students had a session on supply chain management, sustainable actions adopted by BAT Nigeria in its operations and a tour of the factory.


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