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Netizens vilify Uniport lecturer caught sexually harassing student

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Netizens have strongly condemned a lecturer from the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) who was caught on camera allegedly engaging in sexual harassment with a student in his office.

Obinichi Nnorom, a faculty member in the mechanical engineering department, has faced significant public condemnation following the circulation of a viral video depicting him inappropriately touching a female student’s breasts while being recorded by a companion.

In the video circulating online, Obinichi and his female student can be seen standing close to each other as he fondles her breasts while a friend recorded the harassment.

Watch the viral video below.

The viral video has now sparked outrage on social media with many people condemning the immorality.

Thelma Ginikachi wrote, “If you don’t have a Shameless Man as Husband or Father, You don’t know what God has done for you.”

Scott Macdonald said, “This one life don spoil already😂 from what I watched those girls actually set him up because he must have been pastering alot of them,he deserves any punishment given to him.”

Nnamdi Ohaeri reacted, “In the same university that I am in…what a shame. If this is true, he should be made to face the consequences of his actions. Harassing female students is wrong and not acceptable.”

George Christopher stated, “There’s no power struggle, they are only in a romantic position in an enclosed environment which is against the law for lecturers to have any form of sexual relationship with their students. That’s what I’m seeing here not that he is sexually harassing her.. I think that’s what they’ll use against him.”

Ololobou Ebiegberi reacted, “What a way to ruin his life.
My late mum (God bless her beautiful soul) always advised me to be cautious of these 3 things as a man: Women; Asking for food/eating, as well as drinking in public and parties. That the aforementioned stuffs,if done without utmost caution, civility and moderation,are capable of belittling, ruining and humiliating a man’s entire life.”

One Dr Miracle Veterinary said, “Father Lord, the lecturer very prominent for this in my college will face the worst fate ever..His own will be a global news that will attract the foreign economy to end his immunity in that college…And na young young men dey do this nonsense plenty. God dey!”

Waakey Principality said, “The only thing wrong in this video is that he did it in his work space , which is against work ethics . All I can see is two grown adult who wants some thing in return for something. He would have just invited her to a hotel, make dem go settle their problem. No one will sack him if it was outside work environment. Because both of them are adults who can make decisions.”

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