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New AAUA students’ representatives resume office

The executives were sworn-in on Tuesday at the institution Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall (OBJ).
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The newly elected Students Union Executives [SU] of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, (AAUA), Ondo State for the 2022/2023 academic session have taken the oath of office.

The executives were sworn-in on Tuesday at the institution Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall (OBJ).

In his speech, the institution Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olugbenga Ige said the inauguration was a celebration of a success story of students’ unionism as typified by the deliberate efforts of management to entrench responsible and responsive student political participation.

IMG 20230524 WA0009
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ige presenting a certificate to the newly sworn-in AAUASU President, Adekanye Mayomi Adeboye, INEC.

While congratulating the entire students and their leadership on the successful conduct of the elections, he appreciated the Student Affairs Division for providing a conducive environment for responsible student relations, student unionism, and student elections.

The VC also extended appreciation to the Student Union Electoral Committee (SUEC) headed by Prof. Olukayode Afolabi for prosecuting a hitch-free election that midwives smooth transition.

Ige further congratulated the Alale of Akungba, Oba Sunday Adeyeye as the host community produced the first Students’ Union President.

“As people who hold power in trust, the new leaders must realize that what they make of the stable and peaceful academic stability and life entrenched by their predecessors will determine what and where their place will be in the history of this University now and in the years to come,” he said.

IMG 20230524 WA0010
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olugbenga Ige with new and outgoing executives of AAUASU.

He advised the newly inaugurated executives to be on the good and enviable side of history by helping to build structures that would make the University attain the much-desired world-class university status.

Ige added that his led administration is desirous and determined to continue addressing student welfare with vigour and the need for students to complement the efforts by continuing to be peaceful, law-abiding, and engaging in acts capable of putting the University on a good pedestal.

He further counsels the newly inaugurated to abide by the oaths of their offices and engage in positive services to the University community.

Also, the Dean of Students Affairs, Professor Olusegun Akanbi stated that a society without a leader is like a moving vehicle without a driver would move without direction.

He applauded the SUEC for credible election as well as the outgoing administration led by Ogunsanmi Kolade, politically known as Multiple.

In his valedictory, the outgoing President, Ogunsanmi Kolade, politically known as Multiple appreciated the school management, especially the Vice-Chancellor and the Dean of Students Affairs for their fatherly role towards the success of his administration.

IMG 20230524 WA0012
The outgoing President of AAUASU, Ogunsanmi Kolade, known as Multiple.

Ogunsanmi further appreciated the Executive Council, Judicial and Representative Councils, as well as past leaders and all the students of the institution for the opportunity given to him to serve them.

While rolling out his achievement, Ogunsanmi said his administration had impacted the students positively and set obvious records, despite the challenges they met and faced.

However, the newly inaugurated President, Adekanye Mayomi, INEC applauded the efforts of the school management and the past Union leaders for the wonderful work done in improving the students’ welfare.

He promised to improve on the security, academic, and welfare of the students, by meeting and dialogue with the management on cogent issues.

He further noted that the issues of inadequate shuttle buses on campus and epileptic power supply within the school environment would be adequately addressed by his administration.

“There would be zero tolerance for harassment of the students both inside and outside of the university by indigenous,” he added.

The sworn-in executives were elected on the 4th of May, 2023.

By: Friday Omosola

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