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Nigerian govt commends corps for fostering peace culture in schools

The FG extended its heartfelt commendation to the PCN for their unwavering dedication in nurturing a culture of peace within educational institutions.
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In a symbolic show of support and recognition, the Federal Government has extended its heartfelt commendation to the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) for their unwavering dedication in nurturing a culture of peace within educational institutions, the NAN reported.

The corridors of power were abuzz with appreciation as Victor Opeyemi, the Principal Executive Officer of Special Duties in the Ministry of Education, led a delegation on a momentous visit to the prestigious Headquarters of the corps in the heart of Abuja.

During the visit, Opeyemi lauded the PCN for their remarkable contributions, particularly in establishing Peace Corps Clubs and instilling discipline in schools and colleges across the nation. He acknowledged their profound impact on youth empowerment, peace, and security, and pledged the ministry’s steadfast partnership and unwavering support.

“The ministry deeply commends the corps for their tireless efforts in promoting unity, peace, and harmony among the youth. Through the establishment of peace clubs in educational institutions, the Peace Corps has effectively ingrained the essence of peace within the younger generation,” Opeyemi emphasised, his voice brimming with admiration.

“We shall continue to foster collaboration with the corps, particularly in our unity schools nationwide,” he assured, his gaze fixed on a brighter future.

With fervent hope, Opeyemi also expressed his prayer that the bill, seeking to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps as an official entity, would swiftly receive the approval of the esteemed National Assembly and ultimately find its way to President Muhammadu Buhari’s desk, thus granting the organization the statutory recognition it so deserves.

In response, Dickson Akoh, the National Commandant of the Peace Corps, warmly acknowledged the ministry’s visit and their enduring camaraderie, which had flourished since the corps obtained its NGO status back in 2002.

With unwavering determination and utmost sincerity, Akoh assured the federal government of the corps’ unwavering commitment to fostering creativity, peace, and the holistic development of the nation’s youth—a vision that has remained the organization’s core objective throughout its illustrious history.

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