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NKFI awards scholarships to 3 students from Saint Peters College

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Three exceptionally gifted and innovative students from Saint Peters College Idah, Kogi State, have been granted prestigious scholarships by the Korea Nigeria Friendship Institute (NKFI) in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State.

The students, namely Samson Emeje, Yusuf Ayuba, and Tenimu Abubakar, have been recognised for their outstanding technical skills.

The Rector of NKFI, Charles William Oluwatoyin, has urged the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, to extend support to the institute as it prepares for an upcoming resource inspection by the Nigeria Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

During a tour of the institute’s instructional facilities, the rector lauded the students’ rare technical abilities and stressed the importance of nurturing their talents for the greater benefit of society.

He also stated that “the institute is reputable for training skilled manpower in science and technology, contributing significantly to the state’s growth and development.”

“The decision to award these scholarships was inspired by the students’ impressive display of innovative skills at the 2021-2022 Junior Engineering and Technology (JET) exhibition,” he said.

He added, “Notably, they showcased their prowess by manufacturing SUV cars, trucks, and tricycles using locally sourced materials.”

The rector expressed his enthusiasm for the students’ creative minds and natural gifts, assuring them of his support in realising their dreams.

He underlined the significance of skill acquisition, especially in technology, to propel the country’s development, stating that “qualifications on paper alone are insufficient in the 21st century.”

The institute provides tailored programmes for graduates seeking specific skills, including a National Diploma Certificate approved by the NBTE.

The rector also encouraged politicians, corporate organisations, and governments to invest in young individuals with inherent talents like the three scholarship recipients.

He reiterated that the primary objective of the institute is not just revenue generation but primarily to combat unemployment and empower youth to contribute to a better society, emphasising the need for substantial financial resources to achieve these goals.

In response, 29-year-old Emeje Samson, speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, expressed gratitude for the scholarships and conveyed their optimism in realising their aspirations.

The Principal of Saint Peters College Idah, Zakari Jonah, commended NKFI for providing these scholarships and pledged to raise awareness among secondary school students about considering the institute for their academic pursuits. He highlighted that the three students had previously participated in the 2022 Science Exhibition, where they showcased their manufactured SUV cars, trucks, and tricycles, attracting the attention of officials from NKFI.

He urged governments at all levels to identify and develop talents at the grassroots through technical and vocational education, thus promoting self-reliance and bolstering the nation’s capabilities.

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