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NOUN awards scholarships to 83 inmates

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The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has announced the provision of educational scholarships to 83 inmates across various NOUN Study Centres located within Correctional Centres nationwide. This endeavor underscores NOUN’s commitment to expanding access to education and fostering lifelong learning opportunities even within correctional facilities.

Professor Olufemi Peters, the Vice Chancellor of NOUN, revealed this transformative initiative in Abuja, highlighting the university’s dedication to equity and equal educational opportunities. Notably, one beneficiary inmate is pursuing a PhD program in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, exemplifying the profound impact of this scholarship scheme.

“Since inception, NOUN has extended scholarships to approximately 83 inmates within Correctional Centres, a testament to our mission of providing inclusive education,” Professor Peters emphasized.

Additionally, Professor Peters emphasized the university’s commitment to advancing research capabilities. Upon assuming office in February 2021, he established the Senate Research Grants, initiating a significant N150 million seed fund managed by the Directorate of Research Administration (DRA). This fund has empowered academic staff to undertake cutting-edge research and publish in high-impact journals.

Moreover, NOUN’s engagement with industry and the community has been further bolstered through collaborative efforts with the World Bank and the Africa Centre of Excellence (ACETEL). This partnership has facilitated curriculum development, internships, and active industry engagement, bridging the gap between academia and practical skills.

Looking forward, NOUN is introducing a new General Studies course titled “Community Development” to instill citizenship values among students. Starting from the second semester of the 2024 session, all 300-level students will partake in this course, fostering a socially conscious approach to education.

Peters concluded by calling upon NOUN alumni worldwide to actively support the university’s development initiatives amidst declining public funding. He highlighted the pivotal role of alumni in augmenting government efforts and expanding educational access across Nigeria.

“The Alumni are vital pillars of support for educational institutions, providing extensive professional networks and philanthropic assistance,” Professor Peters emphasized, underscoring the alumni’s crucial role in enhancing institutional reputation and impact.

This transformative scholarship program and NOUN’s proactive educational initiatives exemplify a progressive approach to inclusive education and community engagement, resonating with the university’s vision of empowering individuals and transforming communities through accessible education.

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