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NPF hosts delegation from Al Hikmah University, seeks collaboration

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The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Egbetokun Olukayode, has hosted a delegation from Al Hikmah University, Ilorin, to the Force Headquarters in Abuja

The Monday’s meeting was aimed at discussing and finalising terms of collaboration between the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and the academic institution.

The meeting, characterised by an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, witnessed the presence of the Vice-Chancellor, Noah Yusuf, and principal staff of Al Hikmah University.

During the deliberations, both parties engaged in constructive discussions aimed at fostering a more educated and skilled police force.

According to a statement, a consensus was reached on several pivotal matters that hold the potential to greatly benefit the NPF.

“One of the key highlights of the agreement pertains to the enhancement of the training curriculum for officers through participation in senior executive courses,” the statement unveiled.

It added, “This strategic step aims to elevate the skill set of officers, enabling them to effectively address the complex challenges of modern law enforcement.

“Also, a visionary plan was put forth to facilitate the pursuit of advanced degrees by officers in select disciplines. This arrangement envisions officers from the NPF undertaking higher education endeavours at institutions such as the police staff college in Jos, as well as the intelligence college located in Kwara.”

This transformative initiative is poised to elevate the intellectual prowess of the police force and equip officers with specialised knowledge that will undoubtedly augment their efficiency in maintaining law and order.

The collaboration between the NPF and Al Hikmah University underscores a shared commitment to continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As the realms of academia and law enforcement converge in this groundbreaking partnership, it is anticipated that the synergy between theory and practice will yield profound benefits for both institutions.

This significant development holds promise not only for the NPF and Al Hikmah University but also for the broader society.

The collective efforts to elevate the caliber of law enforcement personnel through advanced education and specialized training are expected to result in more effective policing, enhanced community safety, and the establishment of a robust foundation for the future of law enforcement in Nigeria.

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