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NUC approves 32 full-time undergraduate programmes for University of Ilesa

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In a significant development for the University of Ilesa, the National University Commission (NUC) has granted approval for the establishment of 32 full-time undergraduate programmes.

This milestone was officially announced by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Taiwo Olufemi Asaolu, during a press conference held at the university campus on Tuesday.

The vice-chancellor disclosed that the approved programmes would be available for admission seekers starting from the 2023/2024 academic session and would exclusively be offered on the university’s main campus.

However, he emphasised that the approval does not encompass part-time delivery of the programmes, and any alterations to the programme titles or nomenclatures will necessitate the NUC’s approval.

Quoting from the approval letter received from the commission, Asaolu highlighted that the university was tasked with providing adequate human and material resources for the development and growth of the approved programmes.

The list of approved programmes is extensive and includes diverse fields such as Anatomy, Physiology, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Political Science, Tourism and Hospitality, among others.

This expansion of academic offerings marks a significant step forward for the University of Ilesa.

Asaolu expressed his satisfaction with the university’s progress, noting that “achieving full approval for the first phase of academic programs was a remarkable feat for the relatively new institution.”

He attributed this success to the support of Governor Ademola Adeleke, who not only conceived the idea of the University of Ilesa but has also been the sole financier since its inception.

The VC also extended his gratitude to the university’s Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Council, Gbenga Onigbogi, for his unwavering support.

He also recognised the generosity of OYOCO ’87, a group that donated a four-unit toilet complex to the university.

The University of Ilesa’s journey, from its initial struggles to its current achievements, reflects a remarkable transformation made possible through dedication, vision, and the generous support of key individuals and groups.

As the university prepares to launch these new programs, it is poised to contribute significantly to the educational landscape of Nigeria.

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