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Ogun trains teachers to spur STEM education

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The Ogun State Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has conducted a training programme aimed at enhancing the pedagogical approach of educators and promoting educational excellence.

Over 750 teachers specialising in science, echnology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects, 20 Zonal Education Officers (ZEOs), and 80 education officers participated in the programme.

Commencing with a three-week training session, jointly organised by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in collaboration with the Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP), the event was inaugurated by Abayomi Arigbabu, the Special Adviser to the Governor in the Ministry.

Arigbabu stated the purpose of this training, which marks the second phase of the initiative following a previous edition held in December 2022.

“The primary objectives are to elevate the quality of teaching and learning experiences, augment teachers’ professional capacity, and foster the implementation of globally recognised educational standards,” he noted.

Arigbabu highlighted the government’s commitment to upholding the educational legacy set forth by the state’s pioneers in the sector.

He further noted that “the substantial investments made by the government in the education domain are yielding tangible outcomes. Such progress has attracted interest from other states and institutions seeking to replicate the success achieved in Ogun State.”

Regarding advancements in science education, Arigbabu pointed out that innovative teaching methodologies have sparked increased interest among students in science-oriented subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics.

He exemplified the achievements of Gbolahan Azeem, a student from African Church Grammar School, Abeokuta, who emerged as the top Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) candidate in Ogun State and ranked fourth nationally.

Arigbabu conveyed the administration’s ongoing dedication to introducing further innovations that will catalyse transformative changes within the education sector of Ogun State.

During the inauguration, Fatai Osunsanya, the Project Manager of OGSTEP, emphasised the importance of acquainting educators and educational stakeholders with contemporary methods of knowledge dissemination facilitated by technology.

The objective is to ensure that learners remain relevant and globally competitive.

Recognising the significance of the programme, Olushola Odusanya, the training coordinator, lauded the government’s proactive approach in elevating the skills and methodologies of teachers to align with current pedagogical standards.

He highlighted Ogun State as a unique location where science educators continuously receive specialised training tailored to their specific needs.

Acknowledging the government’s commitment to capacity building, attendees Oladipo Oladapo and Adijat Tijani expressed their gratitude for the valuable training.

They shared how the programme, introduced in December, has significantly enhanced their teaching capabilities, knowledge, and teaching practices.

They pledged to disseminate the acquired knowledge to their peers within their respective schools and zones.

This initiative stands as a testament to Ogun State’s dedication to advancing its educational landscape, ensuring the development of skilled and motivated educators who, in turn, will nurture well-rounded students prepared to excel in a global context.

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