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Oke-Odo school wins Nigeria-Britain Association’s youth debate competition

The school has, over the years, developed a penchant for winning debate and quiz competitions in Lagos, as in 2021, a teacher from the same school emerged overall best in Lagos State Education District 1.
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Over the years, Oke-Odo Senior High School has gained a reputation for its success in winning debate and quiz competitions in Lagos. In 2021, a teacher from the same school was named the Overall Best Teacher in Lagos State Education District 1, further highlighting the school’s commitment to excellence in education.

Oke-Odo Senior High School in the Agbado-Oke-Odo LCDA of Alimosho LGA has emerged victorious in a school debate competition organized by the Nigeria-Britain Association (N-BA) to honor its patron, Pa Akintola Williams.

The competition featured 11 other secondary schools, including Corona Schools, Vivian Fowler Memorial School, Ogunmodede Senior College, and King Ado Senior High School, among others. The event was sponsored by Scib Nigeria Ltd, Deloitte Nigeria, NEM Insurance, and the British Council.

The debates consisted of a preliminary round, from which four schools qualified for the final round. Oke-Odo Senior High School emerged as the winning school, with Abiodun Adedokun, their lead debater, named the Overall Best Speaker in the competition. The winning school team received laptops, while the second and third positions received Galaxy iPads and Samsung phones, respectively.

The Nigeria-Britain Association (N-BA) noted that the participation of six public schools out of the 12 invited schools, with two of them earning spots in the top three positions, made this year’s edition of the debate competition unique. The N-BA also stated that this bears testament to the improved quality of education in the public school system.

Oke-Odo Senior High School has a history of excellence in various competitions, including winning the grand finale of the Year 2020 Lagos State Schools Debate and producing the Overall Best Teacher in the district in 2021, Miss Adefemi Adeola Adedunke.

The objectives of the debate competition are to invest in education, drive excellence among schools and students, and promote cultural engagement among Nigerian and British schools and students.

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