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Ondo govt links teachers’ promotion to student performance

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The Ondo State government has introduced a groundbreaking policy that ties the promotion of public school teachers to the academic performance of their students.

This decision was revealed by Victor Olabimtan, chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), during a meeting with Education Secretaries from all 18 local government areas of the state.

In a significant departure from the traditional approach to teacher promotions, Olabimtan unveiled plans to implement performance bonds for teachers in public primary schools.

These bonds will serve as a crucial factor in determining promotions, which will now be contingent on the academic achievements of their students.

The chairman emphasised that stricter measures would be imposed on teachers who shirk their duty posts.

Monitoring and supervision of academic activities in schools will be intensified to ensure accountability.

The primary motivation behind these directives is the desire to enhance the performance of pupils in public schools, particularly in the common entrance examination into public secondary schools in the state.

Expressing the state government’s disappointment over the current levels of pupil performance, Olabimtan pointed out that despite creating a conducive learning environment and employing qualified teachers, student outcomes have not met expectations.

“Beginning next year, promotions, especially from grade 13 and above, will be subject to performance evaluations conducted by the board and the ministry of education science and technology,” Olabimtan said.

He made it clear that automatic promotions for teachers in public primary schools would be discontinued, serving as a means to boost the performance of students in both internal and external examinations across the state.

To ensure compliance and improvement, SUBEB will bolster its monitoring and supervisory mechanisms by conducting unscheduled visits to schools throughout the state.

The chairman attributed the current performance issues to a lack of discipline, dedication, truancy, and nonchalant attitudes among some teachers, as well as insufficient monitoring by school administrators and Education Secretaries.

Olabimtan issued a stern warning to teachers who engage in absenteeism or other activities during school hours, vowing that strict penalties would be enforced for those caught in such acts.

He also held education secretaries and head teachers accountable for any lapses within their respective areas and schools.

In addition to these measures, Olabimtan urged education secretaries and head teachers to initiate a robust enrollment drive before the new academic session in September to boost pupil populations in their schools.

He also encouraged them to engage with local stakeholders, including traditional rulers, to promote the importance of education within their communities.

The Ondo state government is determined to raise educational standards and is prepared to take rigorous actions to achieve this goal.

The new promotion policy signifies a bold step towards ensuring that teachers’ dedication and students’ academic performance are aligned, ultimately leading to a stronger education system within the state.

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