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“OSPOLY the ultimate platform to realise dreams and ambitions” — Akinrosoye

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Idowu Akinrosoye, Head of the Mass Communication department at Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY), Iree, has boldly declared that the institution is a place to realize dreams and ambitions.

Akinrosoye made the proclamation during the exclusive premiere of the film “Èsan (Vengeance),” skillfully produced by Higher National Diploma (HND2; broadcast option) students from OSPOLY.

The event was graced by notable dignitaries including OSPOLY’s Rector, Kehinde Alabi, represented by Mr. Adebayo Fadeji, the Director of Media Relations, Public Relations and Protocol, alongside the esteemed Dean of Student Affairs, Tope Abiola, among others.

Akinrosoye lauded OSPOLY’s legacy of nurturing talented professionals across diverse fields, emphasising that the film premiere exemplified the institution’s exceptional standards.

“OSPOLY is the ultimate platform to realize dreams and ambitions,” Akinrosoye declared proudly. “Today’s premiere underscores the greatness within OSPOLY, setting the stage for an autonomous film production department.”

The lecturer overseeing ‘Film Production Techniques,’ Aderemi Adeagbo, explained the movie’s cultural and moral significance.

He passionately appealed for modern equipment, such as drone cameras, to elevate future productions and implored the institution’s support for the burgeoning film department.

The Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT), OSPOLY, joined in celebrating the students’ achievement, expressing delight at witnessing such milestones firsthand.

During the premiere, Mass Communication Alumni of OSPOLY (MAOS) generously awarded cash prizes to exceptional students in recognition of their dedication and excellence.

Among the distinguished guests were Abolade Adekunle (Dodo ede), Akintunde Orolomo Presenter, and Olasukanmi Akanni (Olohuniyo), highlighting the event’s significance within the academic and media community.

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