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Police Arraign Three over Abduction of Four-year-old Pupil

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Three persons were on Wednesday arraigned by the Benue police command over the abduction of a four-year-old boy.

Chiahemba Sende, Shiekuma Akaajime and Msonter Kpakpa are facing charges for alleged criminal conspiracy, trespass and abduction at the Makurdi Chief Magistrates’ Court.

Inspector Stella Ngbede told the court that the boy was declared missing to the police by a staff member in his school, Bem Kwaghgbe of Omega Children Academy Gboko South in Gboko Local Government Area on November 24.

Ms Ngbede said the informant averred that a four-year-old boy, Orjighjigh Tyovera, was a pupil in their school and under the direct custody of Christable Ahenimo, his class teacher.

She said that on November 21, Orjighjigh Tyovera was brought to the school by his guardian Joseph Sende and after closing hours, the pupil was nowhere to be found.

She said the class teacher was called for questioning and she claimed to have handed over the pupil to a family member of the pupil.

She said after some days, phone number 07082644902 was used to demand ransom of N5 million from the guardian.

The abductor later reduced the ransom down to N4.5m, the court heard. The development sprang the police into action and recovered the pupil.

Ms Ngbede said during the police investigation, all the three accused were arrested for committing the crime.

She said the accused contravened the Penal Code Law of Benue State 2004 and the Abduction, Hostage Taking, Kidnapping, Secret Cult and Similar Activities Prohibition Law of Benue State 2017.

Ms Ngbede said investigation into the matter was still ongoing and requested for additional time to complete it.

However, when the case came up for mention, no plea was taken for want of jurisdiction.

Magistrate Christy Okpe, remanded the accused at the Federal Correctional Centre Makurdi and adjourned the case to February 6, 2023 for further mention.


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