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President Tinubu launches ‘We Are Equal’ Education Campaign for Inclusive Empowerment”

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President Tinubu has rolled out a comprehensive education campaign aimed at ensuring universal access to quality education for all Nigerian children.

The campaign, titled “We Are Equal,” was unveiled at a high-profile launch event where the president emphasized the pivotal role of education in shaping the future of Nigerian youth, particularly underscoring its importance for girls.

During the launch event, President Tinubu outlined a series of ambitious initiatives designed to advance educational opportunities across the nation. Notably, he highlighted the imminent implementation of the Student’s Loan (Access to Higher Education) Act, aimed at removing financial barriers hindering young people from pursuing higher education.

This legislation, once fully activated, seeks to facilitate unimpeded access to education, fostering a more inclusive and educated society.

The president also announced a groundbreaking initiative led by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment to provide a non-repayable grant program of N50,000 benefiting one million Nigerians engaged in nano businesses and skilled trades.

This programme, with a focus on supporting women and youth, aims to democratise economic opportunities, particularly targeting traditionally marginalized groups.

President Tinubu also addressed the critical issue of gender-based violence and advocated for safe and conducive learning environments for girls. He reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to expanding learning opportunities that empower women across various fields, from politics to STEM, sports, and the creative economy. These efforts, he stressed, are crucial in enabling women to excel and shape their future endeavors positively.

The “We Are Equal” campaign seeks to empower educated girls to catalyze transformative change within African communities. President Tinubu’s vision is centered on investing in education and economic opportunities for all, envisioning a Nigeria where every child has the chance to succeed and contribute meaningfully to society.

During his address, President Tinubu urged collective action and support for this transformative campaign, which aims to unlock the potential of Nigeria’s youth, particularly girls, in driving positive change across the nation. The launch of this campaign signifies a bold step towards building a more inclusive and empowered Nigeria, where education acts as a catalyst for progress and equality.

The unveiling of this ambitious education campaign reflects President Tinubu’s dedication to advancing educational equity and fostering empowerment nationwide.

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