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Prestige Nigeria Education Awards calls for nominations ahead of 2023 edition

Prestige Nigeria Education Awards (PNEA) is an annual event organized by Prestige & Graca to honor and celebrate excellence in the education sector in Nigeria.
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Prestige Nigeria Education Awards (PNEA) has officially opened nominations for its highly anticipated 2023 edition according to a press release made available to Edugist.

The prestigious awards aim to recognise and honour excellence in the education sector, inviting individuals, organisations, and the general public to submit nominations across various award categories. The initiative celebrates the outstanding contributions made by educators, institutions, and stakeholders who have displayed exceptional dedication, innovation, and excellence in advancing education in Nigeria.

The PNEA, with its commitment to highlighting remarkable achievements, provides a platform to acknowledge those who have made significant positive impacts in the country’s education landscape. By recognising their valuable contributions, the awards seek to inspire others and promote further advancements in the field.

Nominations for the 2023 Prestige Nigeria Education Awards will commence on Monday, July 10th and conclude on Thursday, July 20th, 2023. Throughout this nomination period, educators, students, parents, and the general public are encouraged to participate by submitting nominations for deserving candidates who have made a significant difference in the education sector.

The various award categories encompass a wide range of areas within education, including teaching excellence, educational leadership, technological innovation, educational research, community engagement, and more. The PNEA aims to encompass the diverse aspects of the education ecosystem, recognizing the efforts made by individuals and organizations across the entire spectrum.

Nominations can be submitted through the official Prestige Nigeria Education Awards website or designated channels provided by the organizing committee. The nomination process is simple and requires basic information about the nominee, along with a description of their achievements and contributions to education.

The selection process will involve a thorough review and assessment of the nominations by a panel of esteemed judges comprising prominent figures from the education sector. Their expertise and experience will ensure a fair evaluation and selection of the most deserving candidates for each award category.

The 2023 Prestige Nigeria Education Awards ceremony, where the winners will be announced and honoured, is scheduled to take place later in the year. The event promises to be a grand celebration, bringing together education stakeholders, policymakers, industry leaders, educators, and advocates under one roof.

As the nominations for the 2023 edition of the Prestige Nigeria Education Awards are now open, it is an opportune time for the education community and the general public to reflect on the significant contributions made by outstanding individuals and organizations in shaping the future of education in Nigeria. By recognising and appreciating their efforts, the PNEA aims to inspire and encourage continuous excellence in the field of education.

About Prestige Nigeria Education Awards (PNEA)

Prestige Nigeria Education Awards (PNEA) is an annual event organised by Prestige & Graca to honour and celebrate excellence in the education sector in Nigeria. PNEA aims to recognize the remarkable achievements of educators, institutions, and stakeholders who have made significant impacts in enhancing the quality of education.
The awards cover a broad range of categories, including academic and non-academic sectors, and winners are selected through a rigorous and transparent nomination and selection process. The awards ceremony is a highly anticipated event in the education sector, bringing together education stakeholders, policymakers, investors, and the media to celebrate excellence and showcase the best practices in the industry.
The Prestige Nigeria Education Awards has become a benchmark for excellence in education, and winning an award is a significant achievement that provides recognition, exposure, and validation to recipients.
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